Sex Robots and Virtual Reality! The Future of Sex

Sex Robots and Virtual Reality! The Future of Sex:

In this modern era, as the standards of living change. Sex is also about to change.

We are living in a new sexual revolution. The credit goes to technologies that are totally transforming the way we relate to partners in our relationships. We believe that the second wave of sexual technologies is now starting. And these are transforming the way people view their sexual identity.

We refer those people as “Digi-sexuals”. These people are turning to advanced technologies like Sex robots, virtual reality (VR) environments of Adult movies and feedback devices commonly known as Tele-dildonics. Somehow these devices are taking the place of human partners.

What is Digi-sexuality?

In our deep research, the term digi-sexuality is consist of two senses. The first sense is the use of advanced technologies in relationships and sex. People are very well familiar with the first wave of sexual technologies. Such as many ways we use to connect with our partners. We text, we use Skype and other video chat social apps. We log on to social apps like Bumble and Tinder to discover and meet new people.

Here is a second sense. A narrower sense. In which we referred the term as Digi-sexuals. For those people whose sexual identity, is shaped by sexual technologies. Which is the second wave.

These technologies are known by their ability of sexual offering. The experiences of these technologies are immersive, intense and do not need a human partner. Sex Robots are second-wave technology. Most of the people are familiar with such technologies nowadays. Their existence is not very common yet but is widely discussed in the media. They often appear in movies too. Some companies have previewed the prototypes of sex robots, but these are not close to most people’s concept of a proper sex robot.

Refining of Sex Robots!

There are some companies, such as “The Real Doll” company, is working on the development of realistic sex robots. But there exist some technical hurdles which they have to overcome. Complete interactive artificial intelligence is developing a bit slowly. And it is difficult to teach a robot to depict sexual intercourse behavior. But interestingly, some inventors are experimenting with innovative designs for sex robots.

On the other hand, VR is progressing rapidly in the environment of Adult movies and in the sex industry. Immersive virtual reality worlds are often coupled with sexual haptic feedback devices. That offer people intensive sexual experiences which may be not possible in the real world.

MIT professors, such as “Sherry Turkle” and others have done research and studies on the bond people form with what she calls “Relational Artifacts”. Such as sex robots.
Here is the complete one-hour video reference.


             Sex Robots and Virtual Reality! The Future of Sex

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