Top 10 Indian Technical YouTube Channels 2019

Top 10 Indian Technical YouTube Channels 2019

Top 10 Indian Technical YouTube Channels 2019: YouTube is now one of the top media hubs nowadays. From Q&A sessions to the tutorials, YouTube is a complete solution of everything for everyone. In the technology niche, there are countless channels are available to host videos.

Here, we are listing Top 10 Indian Technical YouTube Channels 2019. These channels are creating quality content about all aspects of technology. We are listing these channels on their popularity bases.

These are Top 10 Indian Technical YouTube Channels 2019:-

1. Technical Guruji (By Gaurav Chaudhary)

Dubai based Indian, Gaurav Chaudhary, is the leading Tech YouTuber of India. The channel uploads daily series of videos that are about gadget reviews, tips & tutorials about devices, technology news, and also covers a range of gadgets such as mobiles, smart watches, televisions, ISPs, and cryptocurrencies.

Subscribers: 10M


2. Geekyranjit (By Ranjit Kumar)

Undoubtedly GEEKYRANJIT is the top standard tech Youtube channel of India. Ranjit Kumar started his Youtube journey in 2K11. This Youtube channel uploads videos about Gadgets such as Android, Apple iPhones, the routers, speakers and, headphones. He also explains technicality related to these devices. He also manages a review website Tech2Buzz.

Subscribers: 2.4M


3. Technical Sagar (By Abhishek Sagar)

Abhishek Sagar who is commonly known as Technical Sagar is a talented Ethical Hacker. He always tries to let people know about the internet. His videos mostly cover cybersecurity. But he is also making videos on technical tips and tricks.

Subscribers: 1.7M


4. Sharmaji Technical (By Prawal Sharma)

Sharmaji Technical is a tech vlog. Started in May 2015. Sharma is a very talented Tech content creator. He is providing tech reviews. Apart from Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji), Sharmaji Technical is also one of the technology vloggers who also has an Android background. Therefore he is creating video reviews.

Subscribers: 1.4M


5. C4Etech (By Ashish)

Ashish from C4ETech is creating content from around 6 years. He started initially posting software tips and tricks as well as rooting guides. Now he runs a channel that provides all kinds of tech reviews, discussions and unboxings. Ashish from C4ETech also creates content about laptops and computers.

Subscribers: 1.4M


6. IGYAAN (By Bharat Nagpal)

IGyaan is one of the old channels on YouTube. It is one of the few YouTube channels that target on the Indian market. Visitors can see Smartphone as well as other Gadget reviews. There are many Game reviews available for iOS and Android.

Subscribers: 961K


7. My Smart Support (By Dharmendra Kumar)

Dharmendra Kumar is also the biggest name for providing tech support. My Smart Support is a very useful and the biggest support channel for people who are looking into the internet industry via Youtube or blogging. His tips, as well as tutorials on SEO and Website Development, are liked by many people.

Subscribers: 937K


8. Techno Ruhez (By Ruhez Amrelia)

Techno Ruhez is a very interesting YouTube channel who creates tech content in a funny way. Ruhez basically makes tech content in Hindi. He does smartphones reviews and unboxings. But he is mainly famous for making funny tech reviews and news and especially mocking technology firms and companies.

Subscribers: 916K


9. Phone Radar (By Amit Bhawani)

Phone Radar is the oldest mobile and most credible phone oriented blogs and Youtube channel in India. Channel and blog are managed by CEO, Amit Bhawani. It is among the top channels in India who provide almost all new smartphones reviews.

Subscribers: 770K


10. Dhananjay Bhosale (By Dhananjay Bhosale)

Now, some of our visitors may not know Dhananjay. But he is now for quite notable time on YouTube. This young Youtuber covers all electronic devices. From speakers to headphones, and from smartphones to laptops. He regularly uploads the latest news about the big happenings in the electronic and tech industry. He is also known for providing guides about rooting. As well as reviews with installations of Custom Roms.Top 10 Indian Technical YouTube Channels 2019.

Subscribers: 286K

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