Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2019

Here is a list of Top 10 Pakistani Youtubers 2019. These YouTubers have entertained us in every related niche we wanted. The list consists of individual content creators. We have tried our best to include different content categories from Pakistan.

The complete detail of Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2019 is given below.

P 4 Pakao by Nadir Ali

Nadir Ali is one of the biggest YouTube Star in Pakistan having 2 Million+ subscribers. He is known as the best Prankster of Pakistan. He tops the list of Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2019 due to his number of followers.

Nadir Ali is Karachi based. He started his YouTube journey in 2016. As a comedian and Prankster, Nadir Ali receives great respect from Pakistan as well as from India too.

Subscribers: 22,91,630

Kitchen with Amna

In 2018, we witnessed a boom in YouTube stars. Amna became the first female YouTube content creator from Pakistan to cross 1 Million+ subscribers. She uploads food-related content. Kitchen with Amna is a cooking channel. Amna uploads different recipes as well as cooking tips. That’s why Amnia is in the list of Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2019 because she deserves it.

Subscribers: 18,72,783

Zaryab Khan of XeeTechCare

Zaryab Khan is one of the biggest and well renowned Tech and Mobiles Review people. He is a Lahore based Tech reviewer. His channel XeeTechCare is an authentic place to check out tech or mobile review.

Subscribers: 11,71,063

Shahmeer Abbas Prankster

Shahmeer Abbas is a well known and rising YouTuber from Pakistan. He is known for his funny content and prank videos.

Shahmeer is rapidly growing on the internet with his prank videos as well as some funny dance moves. He usually pranks random people. He got 1 Million followers in no time.

Subscribers: 12,14,118

Ducky Bhai

Ducky bhai originally names as Saad ur Rehman is the best roasting star and best roasting YouTube channel. He got 1 Million+ subscribers in 2019. He is also a very popular roasting star in India.

Subscribers: 1M

Asad Ali TV

Asad Ali TV is also a tech reviewer from Pakistan. He uploads new videos where he posts tech review as well as tips and tricks. Asad Ali uploads videos in simple Urdu. He attracts local tech viewers as well as from across the border.

Subscribers: 945,434

Village Food Secrets

Mubashir manages a YouTube channel Village Food Secrets. Here he shares amazing food recipes from the village, Local people and also across the globe loved it. He became a YouTube sensation in no time. He got half a million plus subscribers in less than 2 years. Mubashir’s hard work made him Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2019 and he is from the small village.

Subscribers: 910,656

Khujlee Family

Khujlee Family is a well-known entertainment channel. Channel is based on their own ideas and thoughts. They serve the audience with informative, entertaining, and funny content.

Subscribers: 828,582

How to Urdu

Asim Ali Khokar started his YouTube channel names as How To Urdu. This channel provides us very useful information along with tips and tricks related to technology in plain Urdu.

Subscribers: 538,488

Irfan Junejo

Junejo is the most successful travel vlogger Content Creator from Pakistan. He started his YouTube journey by uploading vlogs about his daily life. Through his hard work and dedication, he earned a big fan following from all over Pakistan in no time.

Subscribers: 613,465

These were the Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2019 but the party is not getting over yet. We have a surprise for readers. Here is a top Emerging and fastest growing YouTube channel of Pakistan.

Tips Technology by Muhammad Suhaib Arshad

Here is an Emerging YouTube Star from Lahore who creates a different type of Tech stuff for his followers. His content is not limited to tech information or reviews. He creates every type of Tech content for his subscribers. From Tech information to Tech tips and tricks, and from Android development to web development, Android tips to Web tips and tricks, He is master in all of these domains. Due to this consistency and pace, people do follow his channel. And due to this confidence, his channel is growing at an amazing pace.
Subscribers are 13,000 in no time. In our next year’s top YouTubers article, he would be in the list Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2019 because of his talent.

We hope you’ll surely like Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2019 article. Comments your thoughts and share with your fellows.

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