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7 SPACE Best Sellers Product That Kept The Entertainment Alive In 2020

Adapting to the sudden major shift due to the pandemic, SPACE upped its game and made online shopping reliable, affordable, and trustworthy for its customers through its strategic implementations. With numerous distribution and display centers in Pakistan, SPACE now has an impactful online presence as well, combined with its rapidly growing network of resellers nationwide.

With the world under severe lockdowns this past year, SPACE, with its quality products and exceptional services made the quarantine period fun for the masses. Be it the changing workout routine or working-class acclimatizing to the work from home factor, SPACE’s long-lasting and pocket-friendly products made it the ultimate go-to brand for consumers while they settled in.

Moving towards the end of the year, we have reeled out the massively highlighted and best-selling SPACE products of 2020 that have enhanced your mobile lifestyle.

  1.  Pods Supreme Earphones:
    Beginning with the most viral product from the SPACE Earphones category, Pods Supreme Earphones [PD-541] are the pinnacle of perfection and one of the hottest items from our vast product line. Apparently, their elegant exterior, chic colors and impeccable sound is what separated them from the rest, making them the perfect quarantine partner for the masses.Pods Supreme Earphones [PD-541]
  2.  Speed PD + QC 3.0 Power Bank 10000mAh:
    With its classy yet tough metallic design, powerful battery, and supercharging speed, SPACE’s Speed PD + QC 3.0 Power Bank [SP-070] also became an instant hit for the masses. It became the perfect traveling partner, fueling a dead mobile device up to 70% in a minimal 35 minutes so the fun never stops. Among other SPACE Power Banks, our SPEED PD + QC 3.0 Power Bank features both, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery (PD) technology for a surreal charging experience.Speed PD + QC 3.0 Power Bank 10000 mAh [SP-070]
  3. ChargeSync Jelly Charging Cables:
    Normally, we witness people buying low-grade charging cables at high prices which often break or simply stop working. Resolving the money-wasting dilemma forever, SPACE Cables have been the savior in these harsh times. Our ChargeSync Jelly Micro USB Cable [CE-411], ChargeSync Jelly Lightning Cable [CE-412], and ChargeSync Jelly Type-C Cable [CE-452] comes equipped with a strong jelly coating and metal connectors, preventing the cable from getting tangled and even breaking easily. Moreover, our Jelly Cables support fast charging too.ChargeSync Jelly Charging Cables
  4. Freedom True Wireless Earphones:
    Jumping onto providing our users with a dreamlike music experience without worrying about their pockets, SPACE introduced the Freedom True Wireless Earphones [FD-20]. With its eye-catching design, firm grip, and immersive true wireless sound, the SKU became the ‘people’s favorite’ in a very short span of time. Well, if you want to experience the true power of freedom, then these bad boys are for you! Freedom True Wireless Earphones [FD-20]
  5. Fast Wireless Charging Pad:
    Making a statement in the world of mobile tech gear products, SPACE Chargers have played a crucial role in keeping mobile devices alive throughout this tough year. With another bold step into the future, SPACE’s Fast Wireless Charging Pad [WC-141] was a revolutionizing idea to liberate mobile users from dangling wires. Apparently, during quarantine, our Fast Wireless Charging Pad turned out to be a competent addition to our charger’s category with its fast, wireless charging feature. Fast Wireless Charging Pad [WC-141]
  6. Move Wireless Neckband Earphones:
    SPACE’s Move Wireless Neckband Earphones [MV-692] have been the ultimate answer to every hearing need. From listening to music to making long calls, the Move Wireless Neckband Earphones kept the excitement alive throughout the year. Move gained massive popularity among our users who managed their exercise regimes from home – the earphones’ neckband secure fit made them ideal for physical workouts.Move Wireless Neckband Earphones [MV-692]
  7. Jam HD Wireless Headphones:
    For all those who prefer headphones over earphones, SPACE’s Jam HD Wireless Headphones got voted as the ‘best choice’’ by our users amid the quarantine hassles. Its on-the-beat sound and excellent built became the highlight of the SPACE Headphones collection. Plus, the Micro SD card slot and FM option just made it way more convenient

Jam HD Wireless Headphones [JM-612]

As every year passes by, SPACE, through its top-quality products and exceptional services proves itself to be the most reliable mobile tech gear brand on the national level. With our spirits high, we at SPACE believe in keeping the spark alive in the lives of our users, simplifying their day to day interactions in every possible way.

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