Advanced SEO Strategy to Rank Website 2020: -In this article, I describe all things that we have to do before 2020 we have to do all things in SEO on our websites like on-page SEO and off-page SEO as you can know all about On-page and Off-page. In 2019 we have performed a few steps on our website to rank in Google on the first number.

Like backlinks on our site to other sites internal backlinks and external backlinks and content is the king in 2019 and also 2020 the most common thing in 2019 and 2020 is keyword research is the most important thing in the SEO to rank on Google in number 1.

Now if you talk about in 2020 SEO Research Point

the main and the most important things in 2010 according to the SEO on our website content is the most important thing we can also say that content is the king content .content is there everything to rank on Google before in 2020 we had focused mostly on this time to do some get backlinks to rank on google I think this is not compulsory in 2020 but if we focus on that the things on 19th the king is content.

Content Analysis

the most important part of an SEO is content writing. basically content is the most important thing to perform SEO in 2020. content analysis, if you are writing some articles according to technologies according to bioInformatics or other topics according to you are searching if you think you are confident about to write this article to perform this structured data into a short description.

then you are the blogger.content? content are those things to describe your thinking describe your article describes your performance to the other person. Do we think most of the time what kind of content be to write? we just focus on those things we can 100% sure to explain to the other person that are the main to write a good article.

Keyword research

Keyword research also and the most important thing in the article if you are a blogger. the main question in this topic what is keyword searching and how we do keyword searching?  the answer is if you have written an article about technology if you choose a topic related to SEO.  you should search this keyword data mostly searches in Google or other search engines you should I’ll recommend.

you should try Google keyword planner is the most important and the most useful things to collect those keywords that are mostly used is a search in theGoogle or other platforms so you should focus this keyword that is mostly Search by other people. one thing always remembers if you focus this keyword that is highly ranked keyword a likely if you choose this keyword already rank in Google you should not use in your article you should try this keyword that density and CPC rate is down this keyword rank easily in Google.

Relative images

the relative image also important things in the content if you paste both images that are not necessary according to your content that’s an image or not usable for your content for SEO research on google. one thinks we listened image describe at thousands of a word in a single picture. therefore email is the most important thing so you should try to use those images that are relevant your article your card into the content that’s the image is helpful for your users and also improve your article ranking on Google.

Relative tag

A relative tag also important things in content posting tags are defined in your article what kind of your article. if you are posting these tags that are not relevant to your content then they are not helpful for your article you should try to put those tags that are relevant to your post so that it is helpful for your content searching in youGoogle.

These are the points are necessary for 2020 so you should try focus on content posting and chosen relevant images tags and also a Keyword searching I think this article is helpful for your SEO in 2020 if you think this is best articles is if you any question suggestion please leave your comment in the comment section I hope you like Advanced SEO Strategy to Rank Website 2020.