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Amazon Echo Battery Powered Launched

Amazon Echo Battery Powered is finally Launched In India. For the very first time, Amazon launched its Amazon echo, battery-powered smart speakers in India. Here we bring the specs of this smart product as well as the Amazon echo price in India.

What is the Amazon Echo Battery Powered

Amazon Echo battery powered is an input portable smart speaker. This is a compact speaker having 360 degrees sound. The device features a built-in rechargeable battery. Battery capacity is 4800 mAh and the battery timing is almost 10 hours on music as well as 11 hours stand-by time. You can connect Amazon Alexa to any other speaker but you can’t connect Amazon Echo to any other speaker. Amazon Echo Battery Powered is the new technology in which Amazon pitch the Echo input smart speakers as a new thing. As a result, you can bring the Alexa anywhere in your home. Also, Amazon Echo Price in India is quite reasonable.


This was the most demanding device and technology throughout India. Amazon realized it and launched all-new Amazon Alexa battery powered smart speakers in India. Also, Amazon echo price in India is reasonable for people.

Amazon Echo is Everywhere in Your Home

Amazon echo battery powered smart speakers are everywhere in your home. You can carry these speakers everywhere in your home. Amazon has designed such a portable product.

Currently Amazon is not selling this product all over the globe. Amazon Echo Battery Powered Smart Speakers are only set to launch in India only.

Amazon Echo Price in India

Amazon Echo price in India is 5,999 INR. Moreover, Amazon is giving a discount of flat 1,000 INR and you can buy Amazon Echo battery powered smart speakers for 4,999 INR only.

Shipping Date

Shipping will be started on December 18, 2019.

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