Apple iPhone 12 Release Date | Apple's 2020 iPhone

What? Apple iPhone 12? Yes, you heard it right. Apple iPhone 12 release date is here.  Apple is going to launch the 12th generation of its flagship device. It’s not long when the company launched the 11th generation of its flagship smartphone. Now the rumors about 12th generation iPhones are circulating around the tech circles. In this detailed article, we bring you Apple iPhone 12 release date as well as Apple’s 2020 iPhone rumors, designs, specs, and price.

Major Update in Apple’s 2020 iPhone

The latest generation of Apple is about to launch in 2020 and the major update is 5G support. The least variant of 12th generation Apple’s smartphone will also support 5G cellular technology. This is a really big development. So, the tech giant is taking advantage of the latest and fastest networking standard.

Some more new features are the kill of notch screen as well as in-display fingerprint sensors. Moreover, two new sizes are expected to be launched.

Apple iPhone 12 Release Date

The most anticipated thing regarding the latest generation of Apple smartphone is the Apple iPhone 12 release date. The latest generation i.e. 12th generation is expected to launch on September 2020.

Some Rumors about Apple’s 2020 iPhone

Apple iPhone 12 Release Date | Apple's 2020 iPhone

  • 2 new sizes i.e. 5.4″ and 6.7″
  • No Notch Display
  • In-display fingerprint sensor
  • Huawei like camera 5 lens


The main thing to consider is the price tag. As of 2019 price trend, 5G supported devices such as Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ have a price tag of $1,200 and $1,500 respectively. Samsung Note 10 5G also costs $1,299.

As per price prediction, iPhone 12 price or you can say that the iPhone 12 5G price will not be too much because a large number of 5G supported devices are about to launch in 2020 and Apple has to maintain the competitive price among all. Also, remember the Apple iPhone 12 Release Date.

iPhone 12 Design

The latest generation i.e. 12th generation will be out without notch. So, Apple is about to kill notch screen and the display will be a full-screen display. Screen size is reportedly 6.7″. You can check out the concept video below.

iPhone 12 Camera

As of now, the 11th generation features a triple camera. There are rumors that in Apple’s 2020 iPhone, they are trying to set up the 5 lenses and 3 arrays in the small space. So, the camera quality is about to increase as well as the bokeh effect is gonna be more accurate.

We hope you like the detailed information regarding Apple iPhone 12 Release Date, Apple’s 2020 iPhone, and the price of the latest generation.