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Electric Bike Price In Pakistan 2021

Today Tips Technology is bringing good news for middle or lower-middle-class youth as well as all people. The news is that finally, electric bikes in Pakistan are no more dream. This is a reality now. Local manufacturers are assembling electric motorbikes in Punjab, Pakistan. Soon these motor-cycles will be in-market, initially in Punjab and later on throughout Pakistan. As everybody knows that inflation is at its peak and petrol prices are rising day by day.

So, students and lower-middle-class are facing huge problems in traveling to their institutes and workplace respectively.  In this detailed article, we will also share the electric bike price in Pakistan. Moreover, the electric bike kit price in Pakistan or electric bike battery price in Pakistan is also shared.

Electric Bikes In Pakistan Production Companies

Local motorcycle manufacturers are working and assembling these motorcycles. We’ve got some pictures as well. The company that is clearly visible is the Jaguar Motorcycle Company. They are assembling electric bikes in Pakistan for the ease of the consumer. After the launch of these motorcycles, a large number of people will get rid of buying petrol daily.

Electric Bike Price In Pakistan

It is the need of the hour that electronic and rechargeable motorcycles should be launched. Now, this need is about to fulfill. Electronic motorcycles are all set to debut in the local market of Pakistan. As far as the electric bike price in Pakistan is concerned, the CEO of the Jaguar company told that the price tag is PKR 88,000.

It is quite high for the lower-middle-class. Electric Bikes in Pakistan are relatively high in price as compared to other local assemble motorcycles. But he assured me that they are working to reduce the electric bike price in Pakistan.

Electric Bike Kit Price In Pakistan

As we all know that electric bikes run on electric supply via battery. The battery is installed by the company. But by the passage of time, battery power, as well as strength of plates, reduces. As per the CEO, customer should replace the battery every year. And the electric bike kit price in Pakistan is PKR 5500/-. But there is only a one-time replacement charge.


Monthly Expense Comparison of Petrol & Battery

If you travel on a motorcycle daily, on average of 50 kilometers, then your monthly expense is about PKR 4000. On the other hand, electric bikes in Pakistan will cost you only PKR 500 per month. Isn’t it great? Yes, it is. You’re saving up-to PKR 3500.

Some more information is about to come soon regarding battery timing and electricity consumption. In our point of view, electric bikes in Pakistan are a great addition to the local motorcycle industry. And all the information regarding manufacturers, electric bike battery price in Pakistan, and electric bike battery price in Pakistan are briefly shared in the article.

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