Facebook Neurotech Startup 2019 Focusing Mind-Reading Wristbands

Facebook announced to acquire CTRL-Labs neural technology startup. This cognitive science-based startup is about to develop mind-reading wristbands. The purpose of these bands is to control devices with bands by using the neural signals. Facebook Neurotech Startup costs around $500 to $1 billion. This is the revolutionary project acquired by Facebook. Facebook is investing a huge amount in mind-reading wristbands.

Real-Time Demonstration of Intelligent Wristbands

Facebook Neurotech Startup & CTRL-Labs

CTRL-Labs started the project of these intelligent bands. Later-on, Facebook took great interest in the project and announced to acquire CTRL-Labs neuro signals based intelligent bands project and invested the huge amount of $500 million to $1 billion. Basically Facebook Neurotech Startup is to launch mind-reading wristbands. These bands are able to transmit electrical signals from the human mind into the computer input signal. Back in 2012, Facebook paid $2 billion to acquire VR company Oculus. This time Facebook acquired CTRL-Labs and reportedly invested $500 million to $1 billion. This project clearly shows the Facebook interest to build smart neural devices to interact with computers.

Impact of Mind-Reading Wristbands in IT

Mind-Reading Wristbands are a great addition in the smart devices. These bands will entirely change the way of interaction between human and computers. We will use smart bands instead of traditional mouse and keyboards. Furthermore, the Facebook neurotech startup is about to eliminate the physical devices and inducting neurosciences in order to communicate between computers and us. All the communication between human and machines will use the human mind’s signals. These signals will be transmitted into the computer input signals.

Facebook Neurotech Startup Focusing Mind-Reading Wristbands

Stay tuned for another Intelligent & Revolutionary project by Facebook i.e. Intelligent Glasses. Facebook is collaborating with Ray-Ban to develop this project.

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