Google Algorithm Florida 2 Update | Broad Core Update

Google Algorithm Florida 2 Update | Broad Core Update:

Google updates its search ranking algorithm Florida 2 in March 2019. It is called a broad core update.

Goal of Update

A broad core or Google Algorithm Florida 2 update means that tech giant Google is not targeting a specific niche. Google is not targeting any targeted signals such as quality. In simple words, in a new broad core update, Google isn’t targeting anything.

This algorithm update does not target websites and niches. That’s why Google has already said that in the broad core or Google Algorithm Florida 2 update, there is nothing to fix.

What is Broad Core Update

These broad core updates are basically the improvements made by Google to Google’s overall algorithm. These are for a better understanding of search queries as well as webpages. Improvements help Google to more precisely and accurately match search queries and hence to improve user satisfaction.

This Google Algorithm Florida 2 Update is the biggest update in the recent past updates.

We have researched on Google Algorithm Florida 2 Update very deeply. The conclusion is that how Google interprets or search any search query and provide a search result.

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