Google Maps AR Walking Launch For Android and iPhone

Google Maps AR Walking Launch For Android and iPhone. As per Google’s promise to launch Google Map Augmented Reality is a reality now. Google Maps AR walking is a dream comes to reality. Now we can see the real-time directions on our smart device screen. The AR directions are based on Camera positioning instead of compass based positioning. The accuracy level will reach its peak as Google Maps AR Walking launch for Andriod and iPhone devices. Moreover, this new update will also feature in the latest and upcoming car’s navigation. Furthermore, other smart devices having camera support for positioning will also get the Google Map Augmented Reality feature update.

Google Maps AR Walking History

Google Maps AR Walking Launch in the Google I/O conference 2018. Later on, this feature entered in the private testing phase in February 2019. Furthermore, Google announced Google Maps AR Walking feature for its Pixel smartphones in the Google I/O conference 2019. Now, Google is launching its Augmented Reality Maps and Navigation feature for all of its Android users along with Google Navigation application for iOS users. Initially, Google will launch its Beta version for real-time testing as well as for user feedback. Later on, its stable and complete version will be released globally. Look at Google Maps tweet below regarding Google Maps AR Walking Launch.

What are Google’s Augmented Reality Directions

Google Maps AR Walking Launch

  • Live View
  • Live Augmented Reality Based View
  • Uses Camera-Based Directions

The AR navigation feature is said to be  “Live View”. This feature meant to enhance as well as kick off your walking navigation experience. While GPS is used for your pin location on a map. Smartphones have a built-in compass feature. Compasses are supposed to identify your heading direction but unfortunately, mobile compasses in Android devices suck. Somehow compasses of iPhones are better. To eradicate the inaccuracy of Navigation, Google Maps AR Walking launches for Andriod and iPhones.

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