Google Preferred Kotlin for Best Android Language

Kotlin is now Google Preferred Best Android Development Language

At Google I/O 2019, which is Google’s Annual Developers Conference, Google today declared the Kotlin programming language as Google preferred Best Android Development language. Kotlin was introduced at Google I/O 2017 and in just 2 years, Kotlin has become the best android development language. Java is ruling the Android world for a long time. But now it’s time to move to Kotlin. As of today at Google’s I/O 2019 Kotlin is now Google Preferred Best Android Development language. Google added too many supports for Kotlin programming. That’s why it is very much easy for any Android developer to work on Kotlin programming language. Reasons to use Kotlin as Android development language are here.

Kotlin features are as follow:

  • Efficiency
  • Extension Functions
  • Massive Interoperability
  • Reducing Crashes at Runtime
  • Smart Cast Function
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Low Cost of Adoption

These features, as well as Google massive support to Kotlin, is a huge advantage for Kotlin programmers. Moreover, Kotlin is easy to learn development language and also Kotlin has the efficiency to code your application in an effective way.

Today’s Google Announcement

In today’s Google announcement, Google declared that Android Development will be very easy and Kotlin-first by using Kotlin as Android Development language. Tons of new jetpack API’s as well as libraries supports are offered to Kotlin. Moreover, Google suggests that if you’re starting a new Android project then you must write the code in Kotlin language as Kotlin is now Google Preferred Best Android Development language. Because of Kotlin programming, there is less code to write and more support.

If we see the popularity of programming languages, Kotlin’s popularity is increased too much.

StackOverflow Survey

Kotlin is now Google Preferred Best Android Development Language

As of StackOverflow survey, more than 50% of Android developers around the globe now use Kotlin for Android development. And Kotlin is ranked as 4th most loved language in the world.

Due to the increase in Kotlin’s popularity Google is increasing the support for Kotlin. And today Google announced that Kotlin is now Google Preferred Best Android Development language.

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