Hostinger Reset User Passwords Due to Hostinger Data Breach

Renowned Web Hosting Provider Hostinger Reset User Passwords. In their blog post, they informed their users regarding the data breach. Because of Hostinger Data Breach, around 14 million customers were affected. Hostinger is one of the leading web hosting providers in the world. Millions of customers are using their services around the globe. In their latest blog post, Hostinger said that they reset passwords of their customers because of the identification of an unauthorized to customers database. They changed passwords as a precautionary measure.

When Hostinger Data Breach Happened

The data breach happened on Thursday. Hostinger said in a blog post that they received a security alert that their server was accessed. Because of the Data Breach, Hosinger reset user passwords. An access token was found on the server. Moreover,  this token can give access to Hostinger systems even without usernames and passwords.  Furthermore, the hacker also gained access to the Hostinger’s systems along with an API database.

Hostinger Reset User Passwords Due to Hostinger Data Breach

Main Reason Behind Hostinger Reset User Passwords

The API database contained extremely important and encrypted data such as customer information, usernames along with email addresses, and their passwords. All of the data encrypted by using the SHA-1 encryption algorithm. The database deprecated by using strong algorithms. Furthermore, the security experts and researchers found Hostinger hashing algorithm such as SHA-1 vulnerable to spoofing. After the Hostinger Data Breach, they upgraded their security and hashing algorithm to the strong algorithm such as SHA-2 encryption method. Because of vulnerability and data breach,  user passwords are reset.

So, if you are a Hostinger customer, check your admin panel as well as check any mail from Hostinger regarding your username and password. If you did not receive any mail then you are not affected by Hostinger data breach, those who are affected will receive Hostinger reset user passwords mail containing their new password.

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