How to Check Samsung Mobile Fake or Original:- The original Samsung device purely displays lively colors on the screen. Fake Samsung phone displays dull colors.
It is true that most people are scammed into buying fake Samsung galaxy phones because of their low prices. But the fact is the lack of awareness.

Why are there fake Samsung phones?

The reason behind fake Samsung phones is because Samsung phones run on Android OS and Android OS is an open source operating system. The source code of Android OS is available for free of cost to all interested people and companies under open source licenses.

If you want to buy a Samsung smartphone, but you are not familiar with the difference between fake and original? Or you have succeeded in buying, but you are in doubt about its authenticity? We’ll clear all your doubts.

Here are the ways to identify fake Samsung Galaxy smartphone with ease.

1. CPU-Z Android Application
As a counterfeit processor is a red flag and will ruin your experience with the phone, so it’s worth comparing the chip in the phone against the official specification sheet.

You need to install CPU-Z from the Play Store quickly. CPU-Z application will give you an instant rundown of the critical processing as well as low-level software components that are running inside the phone, which makes the phone virtually impossible to spoof.

2. Check IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number

IMEI number is a unique number for all smartphones. It is essential that the phone IMEI is similar to the manufacture box IMEI number. To check IMEI Number, simply dial *#06#.

3. Check the phone’s camera

Original Samsung smartphone camera is capable of capturing clear and Sharp photos. Samsung camera captures full regulation pictures. In a fake or cloned Samsung smartphone, camera regulation can be like original, but its image quality is also dull and poor.

4. Check internal memory

Most of the Samsung phones contain 8GB, 16GB, 32GB read-only memory. Original Samsung smartphones have nearly 5.5GB, 10.3GB, and 23GB free memory out of 8GB/16GB/32GB memory device. But a cloned or fake Samsung phone always contains less memory as compared to the original phone.

5. Samsung Code Test

In the original Samsung smartphone, you will get software and hardware information by dialing some codes. Just dial the following codes:

  • *#0*# To view the Samsung General Test Mode
  • *#1234# To View Software Version PDA, CSC, MODEM
  • *#12580369# To view the Device Software & Hardware Info
  • *#197328640# For Service Mode
  • *#0228# For ADC Reading
  • *#32489# For Ciphering Information
  • *#232337# To see the Bluetooth Address
  • *#232331# For Bluetooth Test Mode

Here are some physical tests which are very crucial

1. Check the screen’s brightness and vibrancy

Original Samsung phone displays vibrant colors while Fake Samsung phone shows dull.

2. Space from the screen to the edge

Fake Samsung phone has a wide gap between the edges of the screen and phone.

3. Rub fingers on the Samsung logo on the front side

You feel the Samsung logo, and the name can be easily chipped off, too.

4. Check the hard buttons

Volume buttons and home buttons have gaps on the fake phones.

5. Screen’s glass material

Rub fingers through the screen. If it feels or seems like plastic more than the glass, then the phone is fake.

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