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How to Create Mobile App Free Online

Create Android App Online-minHow to Create Mobile App Free Online

Today we’ll let you know about the most demanding question that how to create an Android app without coding. Android apps are created with Java or Kotlin coding in Android Studio by developers. But now Android apps can easily be created with drag and drop online. Here we are describing the best way to develop Android apps without coding skill.
Android app Builder Appy Pie is Android app building platform. It eliminates the need for any coding. It provides you with the stunning interface to build the Android apps easily.
You can create free mobile applications without any coding. Appy Pie is very easy to use and it is a simple drag and drop application building software. This platform helps you design mobile applications step by step.

                                      Easy Steps to Create an Android App:

Select any design.
Customize it as per your taste.
Drag and Drop your required features.
Create an Android app which depicts your brand.
Publish your Android app.

Why Android?

If your vision is clear about what you need and what you are planning to build as an Application, then going with the Android will eventually turn your dream into reality.

Some of the reasons are here, Why you should build an Android app:

Open Source

Due to an open source platform, Android has low entry barriers. So allowing anyone to develop apps very easily.

Customizable Interface

A user interface is considered as a major component in the success of every application. In Android applications, the highly customizable interface makes it easy for developers and app owners to manage apps and enhance user experience.

Low entry barriers

Android has a very low barrier to entry. You only need to pay one time $25 registration fee to Google Play Developer Console account in order to publish your Android app around the globe.

Easy Application Approval

Publishing an application on Google Play Store is a simple undertaking/oath. With very flexible submission policies and fast approval process, anyone can make Android app available for the world.

Multi-Network Distribution

Except for Google Play Store, Android applications can also be published through any third-party app stores. It helps you to create a good impact and approach a large audience.

Download APK file for your App built Appy Pie

Log in to your account.
Go to My Apps and click on a Test app.
Download your APK file.

Benefits of Android Applications?

Android apps are beneficial for us in many aspects.

For Businesses:

As compared to other mobile platforms, Android users are definitely quite high. This volume of Android users plays a key role in attracting new customers to your business. The android app helps you to upscale business’s growing rapidly.
Android applications provide very quick feedback and review facility to users. Hence it helps businesses growth and improved customer service.

For Personal Use:

Most Android apps are available for free. Thus it makes it easy for any individual to overcome a variety of tasks. Android devices are also cheaper. It also makes it easy for them to stay connected with the latest updates in the mobile world at lower prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Design your own Android applications for free along with no coding skills!

How to Create Mobile App Free Online


How to Create Mobile App Free Online
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