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Huawei Shipment Dropped 40% in May | Huawei Sale Drop

Huawei Shipment Dropped 40% in May | Huawei Sale Drop

After Google’s ban on Huawei, Huawei is still suffering from massive losses in the smartphone industry. Huawei is the second largest smartphone shareholder in the smartphone industry. But Google’s ban on Huawei badly affects Huawei’s market share as well as reputation. Now the very alarming news came for Huawei that Huawei shipment dropped 40% in May. This drop is a drastic decrease in Huawei’s shipment along with revenue. According to most of the tech experts, this situation was very likely to happen. Huawei sale drop by almost 60% of the company’s expected revenue. Hence, Google sanctions result in very much damage to Huawei. Revenue damage as well as fame damage. Huawei Shipment dropped 40% in last month because of Google’s Android ban and Huawei sale drop by 60% according to the latest smartphone market share report. Although the situation is very alarming, Huawei’s CEO is still very much hopeful to overcome this hard time.

Huawei Shipment Dropped 40% in May | Huawei Sale Drop

Huawei Sale Drop Report

According to the Reuters report, these decreases in numbers were presented to Huawei founder and CEO.┬áHe is tens of the situation. But he says Huawei will get out of this hard situation by the year 2021. Huawei sale drop in recent times is very crucial for the Chinese tech giant. Huawei sale drop by the whopping 60% in recent past. After Google’s sanctions, Huawei shipment dropped 40% last month.

Expected Huawei Shipment Dropped

As per the smartphone market analysis and smartphone market share analysis, Huawei loses 40 to 60 million units shipped last month.

Expected Revenue Loss

After the US and Google’s sanctions over Huawei, Huawei shipment dropped 40%. It hurts the company’s financials badly. In the result, Huawei is suffering from Huawei sale drop. Huawei sale drop is about $30 billion. The company is seeking only $100 billion in revenue this year. While the targeted revenue was $125 billion in revenue. This is really a huge loss for the Chinese tech giant.

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