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iOS 15: Preview and Features – What’s New?

it time to move on to iOS 14 to iOS 15, as become iPhone 12 launch people expect to get more feature on iPhone 12 and definitely waiting to the next iPhone 13 today we’ll share some effect to be on iOS 15 but before move on to iOS 15 little short detail and a short description about Apple iOS 14 to know about more feature expect. So, let’s see if there’s anything new compared to beta 8 and Talk about what to expect tomorrow now once you’ve installed ios 14 gm You’re probably wondering how do I get off of the beta program? And if you’re not familiar with that, all you do is uninstall the beta profile So you go to your settings go down to general then scroll down to the bottom.

You’ll see profile tap on profile Remove it put in your passcode hit remove again Restart your device. Once you’ve rebooted you have the final version. You just had it a day early So that’s all you have to do You’ll stop receiving beta updates and you’ll have the final version and when the next public update comes out you’ll be able to install that Now this particular update. Let’s take a look at the build number and talk about what’s new So if we go to general and about you can see this build is 18a 373 So compared to ios 14 beta 8, which was 18a 5373a This is essentially the exact same build They just removed all the debugging stuff that goes on in the background for developers as well as feedback And so if you were having issues with this particular update you’re going to continue to have issues if you were on beta 8 Now the good thing is beta 8 was pretty stable But that means you have no new modem update in this particular update Now one of the first questions I get asked after installing an update is there new wallpaper? So if we go to settings scroll down to wallpaper Go to choose a new wallpaper We go to dynamic. I don’t really see anything new there stills There’s nothing new there and live so you do have the live wallpaper with night and day or night and dark but nothing particularly new or exciting so, Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of new wallpaper and I wouldn’t expect them tomorrow as well And that’s really it so beta 8 they felt was stable enough to release it to the public basically And there are still some known issues in this one, For example, there are 22 known issues mostly for developers But a few widget problems that you may experience from time to time, and then there’s one resolved issue for developers But apps such as pokemon go still will not work.


That will need an update And you’ll probably see that update tomorrow to fix that issue. So You’ll see a ton of different app updates starting tomorrow after you receive ios 14 or if you’re already on it You’ll just see a ton of different app updates You’ll see this number will go into the 40s 50s sometimes hundreds if you have a lot of apps And so the overall performance of beta 8 and gm should be very similar as well Although geek bench tests seem to be a little bit better and we’ll talk about that in a moment So overall this particular build is great. Not only on iPhone but on older iPhones So if you’re going to come in from say an iPhone 6s plus like this one expect performance to be decent You shouldn’t have any issues. You’ll see it says what’s new in apple music. You’re going to see a bunch of these things pop up Wait for it here and you’ll see just switching In fact, you’ll probably see better performance than you did with ios 13 or the same So don’t expect a degradation in performance expect games like Minecraft or pokemon go or call of duty mobile Any of those to function as you would expect and the same is true on The new modern hardware, of course, such as iPhone 11 expect the same sort of fast fluid experience Ios 13 was full of bugs and they fixed most of those major bugs by now And carried that over to ios 14 where it’s better and ipad os 14. So ipad os 14 again Fast and fluid I’ve had no issues with it and it’s just been super fast In fact with beta 8 I really had no issues a couple of little lockups, but that probably needs some app updates from twitter For example, so I did have a few issues from twitter now if this is, in fact, the exact same as beta 8 That means that battery life should be about the same without the background debugging working. You may get a little bit extra battery life So if we go into settings and then we’ll go back to the battery and we’ll take a look at the battery health you’ll see I’m at 96 percent and like I said before this does not degrade based on updates But rather when you update, it just checks the actual battery health overall And so don’t expect it to go down or it’s just rechecking it now if we take a look at yesterday Or maybe the day before you’ll see my screen on time is not that great but Today I’ve had 3 hours and 35 minutes of screen on time 7 hours and 11 minutes of screen off time playing music and things like that. And so if we bring that out. That was about 50 percent usage double that Getting seven hours of screen on time but 14 hours of screen off time Now if I wasn’t playing things in the background, of course, this would improve and of course as apps get updated This will improve as well. I would expect ios 14 gm to improve this additionally just based off of The overall experience with when you go from a beta to a final version That’s why it was a huge version going from beta to the final from final to beta any of those You’re going to see a huge file size Now this particular beta like I said is fast and fluid, but nothing really new with the gm So it looks like that’s what the final version is going to have and then we’ll probably see in ios 14.1 Maybe when iPhone 12 launches or maybe before it’s really hard to say at this point Now the good thing is benchmarks, in general, seem to be okay. Now, I did run it twice and a couple of things to note here Is it maybe a little bit low because I ran it right after installing the update so I scored 1331 for single-core only 3224 for multicore if we take a look at the history You’ll see I did have faster multicore last week. I would expect this to improve greatly After it finishes doing whatever it’s doing in the background indexing and finishing some tasks as well Now, let’s take a look at these devices here that I have the 6s plus 11 and ipad pro Now I have the ipad pro 12.9 from 2020 on the left followed by the iphone 6s plus Followed by the iphone 11 and then the iphone 11 pro max and they seem to be performing pretty good at this point Give them a few more hours. They’ll probably get much better. In fact, some other people are saying it’s performing the same as ios 13.5.1 As far as geek bench scores are concerned. 

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iOS 15: Preview and Features - What's New?
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