Mark Zuckerberg gets roasted by The Guardian


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Mark Zuckerberg gets roasted by The Guardian
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Mark Zuckerberg gets roasted by The Guardian:

What just happened! As you know that if you have a facebook account, at the end of the year Facebook automatically creates a ‘year in review’ video for you. Now, The Guardian a well-known print media house. Has created their own version of the ‘Year in Review’ video of Mark Zuckerberg. This video is a very brutal reminder for Mark Zuckerberg, That the year 2k18 is the year to forget for him.

Generally, the year in review videos is the collection of user’s all activities on a specific platform. Facebook calls it meaningful moments. Such as photos, videos, and posts that you shared and you are tagged in.

What is in the Video?

The Guardian version of Mark Zuckerberg’s year in review video consists of the revealing of Mark’s made a new friend. “Whistleblower Christopher Wylie”. That exposed the scandal of Cambridge Analytica at the start of the year 2018.

This video then also recalls us the appearance of Mark Zuckerberg before the Congress of United States in April. In this appearance, Mark said “get back to you” or “follow up” up to 31 times. The video also reminds us that how Facebook is used to spread hate speech. Against religions, political parties, personalities etc. Due to the spread of hate speech, nearly 2 Million Europeans have left Facebook in 2018.

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg may have thought the worst behind Cambridge Analytica scandal. When this scandal was likely to be settled. But the company had to deal with bugs, security, and accusations. Such as third parties like Amazon and NetFlix access to messages of users.

Facebook also have to deal with the lawsuits by Washington DC against the company over the scandal of Cambridge Analytica.

Bloomberg’s Report

Mark Zuckerberg gets roasted by The Guardian

Facebook also share the picture of price drop by another 7.3%. Due to all these scandals, Mark Zuckerberg lost his much net worth. According to Bloomberg’s top 500 persons list, Mark Zuckerberg lost $15 billion.



Mark Zuckerberg gets roasted by The Guardian

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