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PS5 backwards compatibility PS4, Everything you know about

PS5 backward compatibility PS4, Everything you know about: The News of the PS5 first came into living by lead architect Mark Cerny in a Wired Magazine interview in
2019. Later on, the full specification was published by Sony on March 18, 2020. Let’s Deep dive into further
specification you might need to know before its official launch:

The PS5 had been planned to launch on the 4th of June but later on, it was postponed until 11th of June due to
George Floyd Protests. The Play Station 5 is the future generation PlayStation console with its release date
confirmed in late 2020. Hopefully, you all take a brief look at its PS5’s Design and PS5 games are also
coming up next. If we talking about line up games Horizon Forbidden West and Remake of Demon’s Souls
are top of the list.

Sony Surprise us all with its extraordinary design but price and the release date is not officially declared by
Sony. When we talk about PS5 features its next-generation features including Next-Gen Console having X
Ray-tracing and a super-fast SSD, a 4K Blu-ray Player, and PS4’s game Catalogue as well. Want spicier
Updates let’s talk it about:
Earlier this Year Sony Announced PS5 controller which includes out class sounding features like haptic
feedback, adaptive triggers, and built-in mic. More PS5 Spec was discussed in detail at Sony’s March reveal
Event lead by Mark Cerny. We already discussed some of the detail in above but let’s discussed it more
over here PS5 is an AMD Zen-2 Based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5 GHz, 16GB of GDDR6 memory and a
RBNA 2 AMD GPU that’s 10.28 TFLOPs of Processing power. According to its price by Amazon Play
station 5 prices: 499€ and if we talk about its Digital Edition is 399€ it’s not that bad, isn’t it?

Amazon France is already listed PS5 price and release date which is on 20th November 2020 in the middle
of the holiday shopping season and one week before Black Friday Sale. If it’s true it will be the best Black
Friday Deal in later this year. And with that, the brand new video games are also line up with that. The
developer is might rushed now to develop more games for the Next Generation Console known as PS5. We
will get back to you with its more interesting news and the latest updates to stay tuned with us.

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