PUBG Walking Dead Characters | PUBG Mobile Season 10

The top trending mobile battleground game ‘PUBG’ is now collaborating with The Walking Dead to bring Walking Dead Characters, Skins, and Vehicles in PUBG Mobile game. As the walking dead has a great fan following and got immense love from people. PUBG Mobile Season 10 is bringing PUBG Walking Dead Characters in the upcoming season of the game. Hence, PUBG players will enjoy the Walking Dead features in the PUBG game as well.


PUBG Walking Dead Characters in PUBG

PUBG players can now enjoy key characters, skins, and the vehicles of Walking Dead in PUBG mobile game. These features are coming in PUBG Zombies mode. Walking Dead legend and villain ‘Negan’ in the most anticipated PUBG Walking Dead Character. Moreover, Daryl Dixon, Negan, Rick Grimes, and Michonne skins will be in PUBG Mobile Season 10. Also Daryl’s motorcycle.

PUBG Walking Dead Characters Features in PUBG Mobile Season 10

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Competitions

To enjoy all these PUBG Walking Dead Characters, players must win the competitions in PUBG Mobile Season 10. Conquer the challenges in order to get characters, skins, and vehicles. Moreover, these items will also be available on the app purchase.

This PUBG-Waking Dead collaboration is made to promote PUBG Mobile Season 10 Premier, on October 6. PUBG Mobile is free to play shooting games “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”. In PUBG mobile version, there are up to 100 players on an island to battle. It was released last year and PUBG Mobile has more than 400 million downloads. Moreover, there are 50 million daily users, as per the company report. So, to maintain the player’s interest in the game, PUBG and Walking Dead are collaborating to bring PUBG Walking Dead Characters in the upcoming PUBG Season.

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