Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Bursts into Flames

As we all know that Samsung Note 7 vanished from the market because of battery malfunctioning. The same case has been reported in South Korea. Mr. Lees’s Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Bursts into flames recently. After Note 7 burn cases, Samsung implemented many battery checks for smartphones to ensure the safety of customers. But recently Samsung Galaxy S10 5G bursts into flames and Samsung refused to take responsibility. Samsung stated that there is the user fault or any external factor is the reason.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Bursts into Flames

Samsung also refused to refund for the burnt device. Mr. Lee told that His phone was on the table, suddenly the phone started smelling. Moreover, smoke also starting to come out of the phone. So, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Bursts into Flames.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Bursts into Flames

Samsung stated the reasons that there are external factors and external impact of burning the device. Maybe over-heating or using the third-party charger is the cause of burning. Moreover, Samsung stated that the burning of a device is not the result of the device or battery malfunction.

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