Spotify Lite For Android Launches

Spotify Lite For Android Launches in 36 Countries

Spotify is a famous music application having millions of songs. Now Spotify Lite for Android launches in 36 countries. The best thing about Spotify launch is that the application is only 10 Mega Bites in size. Lite versions of other applications are very popular among people. Such as Facebook and YouTube. Spotify is the world’s largest streaming music application. Hence,  Spotify also launches its lite version.

Spotify Lite Size

Spotify had a great year. Moreover, the music giant is looking to gain more audience in the future along with emerging markets.  As Spotify Lite for Android launches on the Google Play Store. The size of the world’s best music application is just 10MB with the compatible for devices running Android OS 4.3 or latest. Spotify claims that 90 percent of the latest features of the main android app is available on the Lite version.

All paid and free users of Spotify music application can use the lite app. Spoyify Lite Andriod application comes with mobile data control. Spotify lite app also features to notify users about their monthly data limits.

Spotify Lite Features

Spotify Lite For Android Launches in 36 Countries

There are many features in Spotify Lie Android app. Such as artist and song search along with music discovery. The user playlists. As well as saving favorites with the sharing option. These all-important features all present in the Spotify Lite Android application. Moreover, video and cover artists are not the most needed features.

Spotify Users

There are 217 Million registered Spotify users. 46% of them are paid users. Hence, 100 million people around the globe are paid subscribers of the world’s largest music application. The number of subscribers is expected to increase as Spotify Lite application for Android launches in 36 countries.

Spotify Lite 36 Countries

You can see the complete list of 36 countries here. 

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