What is SSL Certificate? How does SSL Certificate Works?

What is SSL Certificate? How does SSL Certificate Works?

SSL Certificate is a data file that digitally binds a cryptographic key to the organization’s details. Therefore it is installed on a web server. It activates the https protocol and padlocks so that it allows secure connections from the web server to the browser. SSL certificate is mainly used for security. Such as debit/credit card transactions and data transfer & logins. Due to the security reason, SSL certificate is most noteworthy in order to secure browsing of all sites.


Above all, Every website or organization needs to install it on its web server. It definitely helps a secure session with the browser. If a secure connection forms, hence all the traffic of website between the server and the browser will be secure.

When this certificate is installed on the server, the protocol change from HTTP to HTTPs. In which ‘S’ denotes ‘secure’.
As a result, the Browser will show a green bar or padlock in the browser if the website has this certificate.

How SSL Certificate Works?

SSL Certificates use public key cryptography. This kind of cryptography controls the two keys. These keys are long strings. All of these are randomly generated. One key is called a private key and the other one key is called a public key. The public key is known to the server and the public key is available in the public domain. This key is used to encrypt the message. If Suhaib is sending any message to Hamza, Suhaib will lock that message with Hamza’s public key. But it can only be decrypted with Hamza’s private key. Hamza is the only person who has his private key. And only he can use this private key to unlock Suhaib’s message. If any hacker reached the message before Hamza unlocks it, the hacker will get a cryptographic code. This cryptographic code cannot break, even with the computer’s power.

If we understand this example in the context of a website, all the communication is happening b/w website and server. The Website is Suhaib and the server is Hamza.

Why SSL Certificate is important?

SSL Certificates is the most noteworthy thing for any website due to the protection of sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and payment gateway transactions etc. It also includes:

Assure data security between servers.
Increases Google Rankings.
Enhances customer trust.

Therefore the security is must have an aspect of the website.

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What is SSL Certificate? How does SSL Certificate Works?


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