TikTok Ban in India | Apple,Google Remove TikTok from App Store

TikTok Ban in India | Apple, Google Remove TikTok from App Store

As everyone knows the TikTok sensation all over the globe. TikTok just arrived in the market and became the sensation overnight. No matter what is your age, you’re an addict of this video sharing app. But the Indian Government asked Google and Apple to immediate TikTok ban in India. So, on the Government request, Apple and Google take down TikTok application from App Store and Google Play Store respectively. In the result TikTok ban in India by the Indian Government.

Main Reasons to Ban TikTok in India upon Government Request are the following:

TikTok Ban in India | Apple,Google Remove TikTok from App Store

  • Time-consuming on TikTok application more than Studies
  • Govt Officials use of Application
  • Pornographic Content
  • Health issues related to Eyes
  • Hate Speeches
  • Road Accidents
  • Cyber Bullying

TikTok is a Chinese social video sharing app. Although it is the best time killer. But if and only if, you use it in an acceptable manner. After the severe govt concerns over the application, TikTok ban in India over govt concerns. Hence, the Chinese company is in trouble in India because of 120 Million users are going to be a disconnect.

Now the hugely popular application is not available to download anymore on Google Play Store as well as on the Apple App Store. Moreover, another reason behind TikTok ban in India is Court verdict. Court release the verdict that the application is exposing the children before the sexual predators.

TikTok Ban in India | Apple,Google Remove TikTok from App Store

The twist in the story is that TikTok has appealed in the court against the ban. And they are pretty much sure that court will address their stance over TikTok ban in India by Madras court. Indian State Madras, impose the ban on the application.

Indian Users on TikTok

There are 120M active users of India on the TikTok. Because of the huge audience, the ban is very crucial for Chinese social video sharing application. Indian users are the quarter of total audience over the globe.

Moreover, any ban over the tech company is a huge loss for them. As there are about 500M social applications users as well as 800M potential users. Last year Indonesia also banned the TikTok as well as the application fined $5.7 million in the United States due to personal information collection of children of younger than 13 years of age.

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