Top 10 Future Technology Predictions 2021

The year 2021 is approaching us with tons of technology updates as well as gadgets. Meanwhile, IDC, International Data Corporation released the top 10 future technology predictions 2021. In the top 10 tech predictions 2021, the digital economy is the rise of a new era of the economy. As per IDC, up-to 2023, 52% of the global GDP will consist of a digital economy. IT predictions consist of many upgradations such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. E-Commerce development is also a major tech prediction for 2021. IDC issued a number of technology predictions for the upcoming year 2021 as well as for the upcoming decade, Below is the complete elaboration of top 10 tech predictions 2021.

Top 10 Future Technology Predictions 2021

As technology is growing day by day, so IDC list of IT predictions contains numerous tech updates. To help digital or conventional businesses prepare for the changing technology environment, IDC outlined the following Top 10 Future Technology Predictions 2021 and also presented guidelines on how to handle them.


  • Companies Hurry For Innovation
  • Connected Clouds
  • Edge Build Out
  • Digital Innovation
  • Industry Apps Explosion
  • Artificial Intelligence is Inescapable
  • Trust Promotion
  • Enterprise is Platform
  • Multi-Industry Patch Up
  • Tech Wars

These are the top 10 future technology predictions 2021. Below is the detail of each clause.

Companies Hurry For Innovation

By the year 2023, approx. 50% of all Information and Communication Technology companies will adopt or go toward digital transformation & innovation,  Digital transformation is the top-grossing in the top 10 tech predictions 2021. All tech companies must put their efforts in digital supremacy.

Connected Clouds

To remain in the digital competition in this digital era, digital services must be there to run anytime and anywhere.  In the top 10 future technology predictions 2021 report, by the year 2022, 70% of tech enterprises will deploy cloud management technologies. Moreover, organizations should prepare for SaaS-based management.

Edge Build Out

By the year 2023, more than half of new tech enterprise infrastructure will deploy the edge instead of corporate data centers.  By the year 2024, the number of apps at the edge is expected to increase by 0up to 800%. Hence, Edge technology is also the top trend in the top 10 future technology predictions.

Digital Innovation

Digital innovation is the leading trend nowadays. In the IDC report, they said that by the year 2025, 80% of applications will use the cloud with the availability of source code. And the number of programmers will also high.

Industry Apps Explosion

More than 500-600 million digital services and applications will use cloud technology. This is the outcome of digital innovation. The said number of apps are built n 40 years. With the digital transformation, this number is achievable in a couple of years. Industry apps explosion is the big news in the top 10 tech predictions 2021.

Artificial Intelligence Is Inescapable

The technology that is super hot nowadays is Artificial Intelligence. Ai is evolving day by day and involving in all the aspects of human life. By the year 2025, more than 90% of companies will use Ai embedded technologies. Ai embedded machines are the top-grossing machines in 2021. The IDC report of the top 10 future technology predictions 2021 is containing Ai as the top field.

Trust Promotion

Trust rights will be the fundamental right for companies. As trust is the most important thing in partnership businesses or dealing on the internet. Also, trust plays an important role to stay in the competition.

Enterprise is Platform

In IDC report of the top 10 future technology predictions 2021, enterprise’s digital transformation is highlighted. More than 20% of the digital revenue will depend on digital platforms.

Multi-Industry Patch Up

Multi-Industry collaboration or mash-up is the upcoming revenue-generating practice. More and more tech and non-tech industry mash-up is the base to generate more revenue.

Tech Wars

Last but not least, the tech wars are going to increase with the increase of digital transformation. As new companies are coming with their services. Existing companies are also waiting to tackle them. So, in the IDC report of the top 10 future technology predictions, the tech wars aspect is also considered.

Hope you will pay attention to future technologies discussed in the IDC report of top 10 tech predictions 2021.

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