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Top 10 Pakistani Blogger Earning 2021

Top 10 Pakistani Blogger 2021 | Pakistani Blogger Earning in 2021:- First of all, there is no doubt that technology is growing and progressing. At a very fast pace. As a result, people around the globe are taking an immense interest in it. There are many tech bloggers or tech influencers who are covering the daily progress in tech. Due to their efforts, these experienced people in their domain are being highly admired and praised in Pakistan.

Technology is transforming our lives almost like never before. Therefore this specific niche is attracting people across different regions of this world. Hence we are listing the top 10 best tech blogs based in Pakistan. These blogs update their technology blogs on a regular basis due to very fast progress in tech. These top tech blogs are doing their best in order to provide instant and correct information. Regarding daily tech news so that readers remain up to date.

Therefore, Here we are providing,

1. Redmondpie (By Taimur Asad)

Taimur Asad is a founder of the Redmondpie blog. He has the degree of bachelor of software engineering BS-SE. Redmondpie is a Google News site. Therefore this blog is mainly covering the latest reviews and news about Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

Visitors of Redmondpie find the amazing stuff about gadgets. Redmondpie is considered the best site for those, who love gadgets.

Ranking and Earning

Redmondpie blog is ranked in the top 4000+ across all sites over the globe.
Alexa Ranking is 2000.
The income of the Redmondpie blog is round about $25,000/- per month.


2. wpbeginner (By Syed Balkhi)

Blog owner Syed Balkhi is currently living in the US. He is very sharp minded in SEO and blogging. The Wp-beginner is basically an affiliate marketing blog. This blog promotes the best available hostings for WordPress websites.
The best thing about Syed Balkhi is that he always urges to make blog content elegant and fresh. Due to this quality, visitors never get bored.

The blog contains nearly all tutorials about all WordPress problems. wpbeginner blog always tries to bring new stuff about WordPress.

Ranking and Earning

Wp-beginner blog’s Alexa ranking is 4400+ across all websites around the world.
The income of the Wp-beginner blog is about $20,000/- per month.

3. Mybloggertricks (By Mohammad Mustafa)

Mohammad Mustafa is also a leading and brilliant blogger from Pakistan. He is also running a company named STC Networks. In this blog he let newbies know how to do blogging. He provides the complete guidelines about blogging so that newbies can earn too.
Currently, he is running and managing some successful websites. He is helping thousands of newbie bloggers. In addition, Mohammad is also an SEO expert. Due to his efforts, he is ranked #3 top blogger in Pakistan.

Ranking & Earning

Mybloggertricks is ranked 31,399 (Alexa) all over the world.
Pakistan’s page ranking is 399.
Total backlinks are 4835.
Income is $6000 to $10000.


4. Ali Raza ( By Ali Raza)

Ali Raza is among the top Pakistani bloggers. He is Lahore based. This blog provides information about Facebook ads. It also provides SEO online tutorials. As well as Affiliate Marketing.

This blog helps entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and products.

Due to his services for many companies about helping them in digital marketing, therefore he is guiding blog visitors to be successful in business.

Ranking and Blogging

The site’s Alexa ranking is 155,000.
Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 2400.
Total backlinks are 160.
Income is $4000+ per month.


5. Pro Pakistani (By Amir Atta)

Aamir Atta is a founder of ProPakistani. It is a Google News website. ProPakistani covers all the new and latest news from Pakistan. Such as Technology, telecom, sports, business, and education.

ProPakistani began its journey in 2008. Now ProPakistani is covering all the Niches from Pakistan.

Remember that ProPakistani is an award-winning blog in Pakistan.

Ranking and Earning

Alexa ranking is 9,159.
Alexa Pakistan ranking is80.
Total backlinks are 750.
Income is about $10000/- per month.


6. Onlineustaad (By Abdul Wali)

Abdul Wali is a true inspiration for all of the new bloggers. This blog Onlineustaad prepare Urdu tutorials related to computer.

Due to the Urdu language, Onlineustaad is a huge contributor to teaching Pakistani students.

Abdul Wali is an expert Search Engine Optimizer. As well as a good web developer.

Ranking and Earning

Alexa ranking is 37,00.
Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 400.
Total backlinks are 299.
Income is $6000/- per month.


7. Tech Juice (Fatima Rizwan)

TechJuice started in 2014. It is a Google News website. TechJuice covers all the lunching gadgets and the latest news from Pakistan. Such as Technology, telecom, sports, business, and education.

Ranking and Earning

Alexa ranking is 65,179.
Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 719.
Total backlinks are 179
Income is about $1000/- per month.


8. Bornblogger (By Abdul Samad)

Abdul Samad is a talented Pakistani blogger. People really appreciate him and his work. This blog was created in 2014.

This blog is very good for new bloggers. The blog owner is very active and responsive. He immediately replies to any queries. About blogging and SEO. Therefore, people like him.

Ranking and Earning

Alexa ranking is 106,166.
Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 1175.
Total backlinks are 97.
Income is about $2500/- per month.


9. Techmaish (By Bilal Ahmad)

Bilal Ahmad is a founder of the Techmaish blog. His qualification is MBA in banking and finance.

This man is a true inspiration for all newbies. Despite not being a tech man. You can start blogging.

This blog provides tutorials about WordPress.Along with SEO, and gadgets.

Ranking and Earning

Alexa ranking is125,166.
Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 1275.
Total backlinks are 97.
Income is about $2500/- per month.


10. AllBlogThings (Mohammad
Umer Idrisi)

Umer Idrisi is a wonderful blogger.

This blog AllBlogThings is growing up fast due to good efforts.

AllBlogThings provides Web tuts as well as SEO guides.

The Blog owner is a web developer as well as an SEO expert.

The blog shares tricks and tips regarding blogging and SEO.

Ranking and Earning

Alexa ranking is 74,000.
Alexa Pakistan’s ranking is 15,00.
Total backlinks are 405.
Income is about $2000/- per month.

Tips Technology (Tech Blog)

Tips Technology is the highest-grossing and emerging blog of technology. The blog is running by two enthusiastic youngsters. Both of them are passionate about the latest technology news, reviews, blogging, SEO as well as all aspects of technology. Due to their hard work and dedication, the blog Tips Technology is ranked as the top emerging tech blog of 2018-2021. Top 10 Best Pakistani Blogger Earning 2021

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