USB 4.0 Release Date & USB 4.0 Speed Revealed

Universal Serial Bus or commonly known as USB is one of technology ultimate success. Somehow, these things got a little bit confusing over recent times because of USB 3.x having multiple cable types such as Type-C cable. Moreover, there are also some connectivity standards within as well as alongside USB 3.2. To fix all of these issues USB 4.0 is all set to launch and will be launched with universal connector. Here we bring USB 4.0 release date as well as USB 4.0 speed of transfer.


USB 4.0 Speed of Transfer

The USB 4.0 specifications are based on Thunderbolt results. It promises the double transfer speeds as compared to USB 3.0. We can witness speeds leap from 20Gb to 40Gb transfer rate in “certified” cables, as per the USB-IF. No doubt, this would be a tremendous improvement. So USB 4.0 speed is massive. Now we can be able to transfer the data on double speed as compared to USB 3.0 speed.

USB 4.0 Specs

USB 4.0 Release Date & USB 4.0 Speed Revealed

  • Double Speed than USB 3.0
  • Data Transfer Speed Range is 20Gbps to 40Gbps
  • Universal Connector
  • Can Connect 4K Monitors
  • Can Connect High-End GPU’s

Benefits of Fast USB 4.0 Speed

As the 40Gbps speed is witnessed, we can do a couple of useful tasks out of it. Such as this speed will allow us to connect two 4K monitors at a time as well as run high-end external GPUs with no lag.

USB 4.0 Release Date

The USB 4.0 specifications are now finalized. We may still wait for device manufacturers to create devices that will take advantage of USB 4.0. This process may take a while, and we expect to witness any USB 4.0  powered products such as monitors to hit the market until early 2020. The USB 4.0 release date is early 2020.

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