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Virtual Private Server VPS VS Dedicated Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server VPS vs Dedicated Server Hosting

What is the difference between Virtual Private Server Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting plan?

VPS hosting hosts many clients or the information of more than one clients on a single physical machine. Therefore, there is a concept of virtualization behind this. Due to Virtualization, all clients on the same machine appears as all of them are on separate dedicated servers.

Dedicated Hosting is a separate hosting service provided to users. This service is a type of web hosting in which the dedicated server is provided to the client. Hence the server is not shared with anyone.

Main differences of Virtual Private Server Web Hosting & Dedicated Server Hosting Solution

  • VPS is the same server provided to many clients.
  • Dedicated Hosting provides a separate server to each client.
  • VPS is Virtually Private.
  • Dedicated servers provide full freedom of using the server machine.
  • Dedicated servers are Expensive.
  • VPS servers are cheaper than Dedicated.
  • VPS may have DDos attacks.
  • Dedicated’s security is more.
  • VPS is for growing sites.
  • For large traffic, dedicated servers are recommended.

How to Determine which Plan to Use

The main factor is how to determine which hosting plan suits you? Determine Virtual Private Server supports your site best or affordable Dedicated Server Hosting suits your site. The determining factors are as:

  1. No. of CPU cores
  2. More cores provide more speed.
  3. How much RAM is enough?
  4. How much storage space?
  5. HDD or SSD?
  6. How many websites do you want to manage?

These are the main determining factors either Virtualized Virtual Private Server is the need of the hour or you required Dedicated Server Hosting web hosting.

Shared but Virtually Virtual Private Server Internet Hosting

VPS is similar to a shared hosting plan. Because of Virtualization, a Virtual private server is a virtually private environment for every user. It feels like having own dedicated server. But the restriction or limitation is that who can use the resource. The host creates separate virtual machines for every client. Strict security and separation protect your virtual machine from others.

Dedicated Server Hosting is Yours

While VPS is virtually private, Dedicated server is all and all yours. You have the freedom to use resources as well as you may install applications of your own choice. You just choose the hardware option and full software access is yours.

Virtual Private Server Comparison with Dedicated Server Hosting

There are numerous similarities between both. Both offer you to choose the required specifications as well as the control over the environment. The VPS is basically a lighter version of the dedicated server hosting website server.


VPS is lesser in cost as they charge little bit small amount from many clients than Dedicated servers. Because of a separate machine, one must have to pay a rather large amount than VPS.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows or Linux are used as Operating systems. Windows and Linux are common, while some also use Macintosh as a host operating system.

Virtual Private Server Security vs Dedicated Server Hosting Security

  • The dedicated server is more secure than VPS.
  • DDos attacks may effect VPS clients.
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