Vivo Launches Dual Pop-up Camera Phone


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Vivo Launches Dual Pop-up Camera Phone

Vivo launches Dual Pop-up Camera Phone:
Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo is leading in the pop-up front cameras set up. The retractable front facing camera is an ideal solution for a bezel-less smartphone display. And Vivo V15 Pro is an example of that. However, V15 Pro features a single front pop-up camera and it has its limits. So, Vivo is now ready to launch a dual pop-up selfie camera smartphone based on the previous pop-up V15 pro. Here are the more details about Vivo launches Dual Pop-up Camera Phone in March 2019.

After Vivo V15 Pro single Pop-up Camera Vivo launches Dual Pop-up Camera Phone in this month.

Sketch of Vivo Dual Pop-up Camera Phone

Vivo launches Dual Pop-up Camera Phone

Vivo has already registered design of smartphone at the intellectual property office based in China. The smartphone concept registered last Friday. The preliminary sketches are exclusively available at Tips Technology.

Today’s smartphone owners are concerned with the camera quality of smartphones. The pop-up camera is a good addition in the smartphone industry. So this looks like a very good initiative.

Vivo smartphone features Double Pop-up front-facing cameras are creating some buzz in customers. In addition, the Chinese smartphone market is a far better experimental market to test the smartphone market outcome.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 also launched its slide mechanism as well as Oppo already featured stunning cameras. In short, Vivo has a very good exploration opportunity.

Disadvantages of Pop-up Cameras

Western smartphone manufacturers prefer to avoid high complexity in their mobiles. Due to the reasons of increased production costs. Most brands prefer not to feature any removable part. In case of fall, that removable part is most likely to be broken.

Although these are some valid arguments, manufacturers like Vivo have managed to produce some really good and durable products with removable parts. However, these are always more susceptible to breakdowns or damage in case of a fall.


Definitely, the smartphone market is a very promising market. In order to launch something different or innovative, dual pop-up cameras design is an ideal solution to replace the notch screen display.

This was today’s most anticipating article about Vivo launches Dual Pop-up Camera Phone which is a great addition in the market.

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Vivo Launches Dual Pop-up Camera Phone

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