WhatsApp and Instagram Name Change by Facebook

As you all know that Facebook has the ownership of WhatsApp messenger as well as Instagram. Now, Facebook is forcing WhatsApp and Instagram to change their names by adding “From Facebook” at the end. For example “WhatsApp from Facebook” and ‘Instagram from Facebook”. These apps will be renamed very soon. This is the very first major change from Facebook to these social apps. With this action, it is very much clear that Facebook wants greater control over these social apps. That’s why WhatsApp and Instagram Name Change by Facebook. Back in 2012, Facebook bought Instagram and in 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp. Now in 2019, Facebook administration and Mark Zuckerburg has decided WhatsApp and Instagram name change by adding “From Facebook”. This is because of greater control over the owned social apps.


New Names after WhatsApp and Instagram Name Change By Facebook

After the name change by Facebook administration, WhatsApp’s new name will be “WhatsApp from Facebook” as well as “Instagram from Facebook”. Furthermore, these new names are also all set to visible on the Google Play Store along with the Apple App Store. If you are worried about the home screens as well as the user interface, then don’t worry about that. User interfaces of both apps, as well as the home screens, will remain the same.

WhatsApp and Instagram Name Change by Facebook

Facebook Integration With WhatsApp and Instagram

Early this year, Facebook decided to integrate the Facebook app with WhatsApp messenger and Instagram. WhatsApp statuses, as well as Instagram stories, can be shared on Facebook and vice versa. Now Facebook wants more control over the owned social apps like WhatsApp and Instagram Name change by Facebook.

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