WhatsApp Pay Launch Date in India

WhatsApp creates very important and much-needed data storage facilities in India. The leading messenger application is introducing WhatsApp Pay feature to the messenger application’s all Indian user base. The estimate is between 350 million to 400 million Indian WhatsApp users. So, people in India are asking for WhatsApp Pay launch date in India.

Moreover, the WhatsApp Pay feature is only available in India. All the transactions are power by the Unified Payments Interface. The leading messenger application is testing its latest feature for payments. This feature lets you send all of your digital payments to your friends and family. This is as simple as you send a photo or file to someone. Hence, the upcoming payment method is very easy and simple. This payment method is only available for the Indian users. Now Indian WhatsApp users can send digital payments along with the messenger facility. Payment gateways as well as messaging in one application is the icing on the cake. However, other countrymen must wait for this facility.


WhatsApp Pay Launch Date

WhatsApp Pay debut in India is the end of the year 2019.

WhatsApp Pay Launch Date in India


The latest WhatsApp Pay is as easy as sending a message to someone. Moreover,  the company is looking to launch WhatsApp Pay in other international markets as well. WhatsApp Officials said that:

“We believe that if we get this right, it will accelerate financial inclusion and bring value for people in India’s fast-growing digital economy,” Cathcart reportedly said. “We can’t wait to provide the service [to] more of our users all across India later this year as WhatsApp Pay Launch Date in India is near “

According to Business Today, the messenger giant, WhatsApp said last year that they developed a payment data storing as well as a management system. This system complies with the Reserve Bank of India’s term and conditions along with bank policies. WhatsApp Pay launch date in India is expected to be the end of the year 2019.


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