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WhatsApp Self Destructing Messages is Launching

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that lets you send self-deleting messages or self disappearing messages. These messages have a time limit between 5 seconds to one hour. These messages will disappear after the set period or set duration of time. WhatsApp is currently testing this feature. The beta version of WhatsApp messenger v2.19.275 is having the WhatsApp Self Destructing Messages in it, but this beta update is not available for every user. In the initial beta update, WhatsApp disappearing messages update is only available for some users as well as for some devices.

Discovery of WhatsApp Self Destructing Messages

WABetainfo is the Facebook-owned technology platform and is actively working on WhatsApp self-destructing messages. Moreover, they are the first to discover this latest WhatsApp feature.

How Long Will WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Last

As shown in the name, WhatsApp disappearing messages will last up to 1 hour. It is up to the sender how long he wants the visibility of the message. When the time limit will be reached, hence messages will disappear.


These messages are really helpful when you are sending some secret information. Disappearing messages are also used by messaging application Telegram as well as Snapchat. This time WhatsApp is about to roll out the destructing message feature very soon. This feature might be available in the next stable version update.


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