WiFi 6 Speed & WiFi 6 Release Date

WiFi 6 is the latest generation of WiFi. Previously known by IEEE 802.11ax, now commonly known as WiFi 6. Firstly WiFi Alliance announced WiFi 6th generation in April 2018, But this time the latest WiFi generation is all set to launch. WiFi 6 is a speed boost to 5th generation. WiFi 6 speed is super faster than WiFi 5. Moreover, WiFi 6 release date is too close now. WiFi 6 Pros & Cons are also discussed.

What is WiFi 6

The next generation of wireless connectivity is on the way and known as WiFi 6. Previously named as IEEE 802.11ax but now named as WiFi 6 for more precision as well as an understanding for a common man. It features a couple of improved technologies such as speeding up connections and more efficient than the previous one.

WiFi 6 Speed

The speed of the latest WiFi generation is so improved. WiFi 5 latest standard features a maximum speed of 3.4 Gbps. Whereas WiFi 6 speed is up to 10 Gbps. This is the theoretical speed. Although you can not achieve such speed, latest generation WiFi is a way faster than the previous one.  Recorded average speed in the United States is up to 72 Mbps which is only 1% of the theoretical speed. Users are too curious to know about WiFI 6 release date. The release of the latest wireless connectivity is not too far.

WiFi 6 Release Date

WiFi 6 was announced in the April 2018. Now the latest generation of wireless connectivity is all set to release for the end-user. The expected release is in the third quarter of the current year i.e. 2019.

WiFi 6 Pros & Cons

WiFi 6 Speed & WiFi 6 Release Date

There are always some pros and cons of any product or service. Pros of the latest generation of wireless connectivity are:

  • Improved Speed
  • Enhanced Battery Life
  • Updated Security Protocols

Whereas the Cons can be the high price of the routers in the initial phase. Moreover, the availability in some regions is also concerned.

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