Wikipedia Social Media Strike | Wikipedia Launches Social Media Strike

Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger initiates the strike against social media. He raises this campaign against social media because of personal user data misuse. In fact, the cause of the campaign is very good.  In the recent past, we have witnessed severe personal data misuse as well as the selling of personal user data scandal of Facebook. So, to let social media realize the importance and privacy of personal user data, Wikipedia Social Media Strike initiated by Wikipedia Co-Founder. The dates for this campaign are July 4 & July 5. Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger is requesting people to not use all social media platforms on July 4 & July 5. Larry Sanger wants to raise privacy issues with social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter.


Wikipedia Social Media Strike | Wikipedia Launches Social Media Strike

Wikipedia Social Media Strike Demands

In this Wikipedia Social Media Strike campaign, Larry Sanger raises the demand for personal user data control. He wants to give control of personal user data to users. Moreover, he recommends that the data is very important and belongs to the user/owner. So, the control of data must be returned to the users instead of corporations. Moreover, Larry Sanger motivates all social media users to raise their voice against serious personal data leak issues. He requested all social media users to take part in Wikipedia Social Media Strike. The dates for Wikipedia Social Media Strike are July 4 & July 5. The purpose of this strike is very clear and important as well. Personal user data is something very worthy. In the recent past, we have witnessed a huge scandal of selling personal user data. Due to this personal data loss, Facebook was fined.

In his blog, he said that,

“We, the strikers, urge the global developer community to perfect a new system of decentralized social media. This strike, if successful, will raise show the world  Big Tech corporations, governments, developers, and social media users that there is a massive demand for a system”

How to take part in the Wikipedia Social Media Strike Campaign

Those social media users who are interested to raise their voice against personal data loss, sign the declaration, and use hashtag #SocialMediaStrike. And do not use social media platforms for two days i.e. July 4 & July 5. This act of individuals, as well as billions of users, are the best way to raise voice against a personal user data breach.

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