YouTube Pulse Pakistan | YouTube Launch Event in Pakistan

YouTube Pulse Pakistan | YouTube Launch Event in Pakistan:
Finally, YouTube has brought YouTube Pulse event in Pakistan. Aimed at content creators and advertisers of Pakistan. YouTube is gearing up a strategy for Pakistan. And also realizing that Pakistan is a very attractive market for it in order to increase the presence among local content creators.

What is YouTube Pulse Event?

YouTube Pulse is an event that is organized by YouTube to showcase the brands. That how they can make most of the platform. Pulse event increases the awareness among advertisers, content creators, and brands that how they can monetize their channels and promote them. YouTube also encourages brands to invest in the platform. And increase viewership on the platform along with promotes some high achieving content creators. It is an event which is organized by YouTube. When it seems to them that a country is ready to take their advertisements and expenditure on a higher level.


Now Why Pakistan?

All know that YouTube and many other prominent online services are reluctant to invest in Pakistan. There are plenty of reasons for it. More and more online services are investing in Pakistan and with rapidly progressing mobile and broadband customers. It’s a quite huge and untapped market.

Stats from YouTube

YouTube shared some impressive statistics in the Pulse event.

73 % Pakistani internet users access YouTube once a month.
64 % of Pakistanis consider YouTube as their favorite video platform.
80 % millennials access YouTube in the metropolitan cities of Pakistan.
78 % of users in Pakistan consider YouTube as a first priority when searching for a video.

channels in Pakistan have 1M+ subscribers.
50 % users in Pakistan consider YouTube ads helpful for them to decide what to buy.

Speakers of the Event

Danish Ali – YouTube Content Creator
Kitchen with Amna – YouTube Kitchen Based Content Creator
Irfan Junejo – Famous Travell Vlogger from Pakistan & YouTube Content Creator
Jerjees Seja – CEO ARY Digital
Dan Knapp – Product Marketing Manager – YouTube
Raihan Merchant – Chairman Brainchild Communications
Gilberto Gaeta – Country Director & Google Marketing Solutions – Pakistan/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh
Farhan Qureshi – Country Manager – Pakistan/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh

What’s Next?

This is very impressive and really encouraging step by YouTube. We are expecting a much more focus and positive approach of YouTube towards Pakistan. As more marketers and advertisers join hands with YouTube. The rate of that content creators receive on their monetized videos will also increase. We are very hopeful about YouTube Fan Fest. It caters the content creators of a country. We’re seeing Fan Fest as the next project of YouTube in Pakistan.

           YouTube Pulse Pakistan | YouTube Launch Event in Pakistan

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