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Google’s OS Android Q is running as the beta as well as the incomplete version. The Andriod Q first beta version was released in March. Furthermore, the next beta version was released in the Google I/O Conference 2019. Now Google is all set to launch the complete and stable version of its next-generation smartphone Operating System. This time Googe changed its naming policy for Android OS. Android Q Name is not named on any dessert or sweet. Along with Android next-generation stable version name, Google also revealed Android Q Final Version Release Date.

Google Latest Announcements for Android OS

Android Q Name & Android Q Final Version Release Date

  • Android Q Name
  • Latest Android Logo
  • Android Q Stable Version Release Date


Android Q Name

Google changed its naming policy for the Android Operating System. Now and in the future, Android OS will be named as its generation or number. Such as Android Q Name is Android 10. Android 10 is the generation number of Google’s Android Smartphone Operating System. The names of desserts and sweets such as Pie or Marshmallow will be no more. Android OS will be named after its generation lineup.

Android Q Final Version Release Date

Google’s Android Q OS is the latest generation of Android OS which’s complete and stable version is going to be released in upcoming days. As per Google’s Product Manager, the Date for its final and stable release is not public. However, Android Q Final Version Release Date is the upcoming weeks. Android Q’s stable and final version is al set to launch and will be released in upcoming weeks.

Google is working hard to enhance the experience of its smartphone operating system. Google is developing a new and enhanced logo of Android. The latest Android logo is also revealed along with Android Q final release as well as its name. Moreover, you can have a look at Android’s latest logo below.

There is a tough competition of Operating Systems between iOS and Huawei’s Harmony OS. Hence, Google is working by leaps and bounds, in order to maintain its lead over the above mentioned Smartphone Operating Systems.

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