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How to Check Whatsapp Status Without Number [Secret Trick]


Check Whatsapp Status Without Number:- This is the most researched keyword on the internet. mostly people want to know how to possible to check another person status without saving the number on mobile. it issues mostly occur those people they are in a relationship.

these people pay lots of money to view status but they are losing our money this isn’t possible. because WhatsApp updates our policy and security. No one cracks the WhatsApp security.so don’t pay for WhatsApp.Check Whatsapp Status Without Number
the main purpose to write this article to guide and request everyone if you’re blocking for another person WhatsApp account. so you don’t need to pay for unblocking, for last seen view, for the status view, for anything. no need to pay because fake people always target you. they know you will do anything for this. so be careful.

Whatsapp structure

-> okay, now we discuss. behind the logical of WhatsApp, WhatsApp makes a database file against the user account. whenever we create a WhatsApp account. As shown in the figure.and also describe in our youtube video. if you understand Hindi/ Urdu you can watch this video for easy to understand the structure of WhatsApp.if you do not then check below more details

let understand with an example. if you have a WhatsApp account and you add my WhatsApp number on your mobile phone. you can see my WhatsApp account show on your WhatsApp contact how its work.  whenever we add someone WhatsApp check all the contact detail rather you are a register or not. if those number registers on WhatsApp. WhatsApp shows all contact list.

if someone blocked your number on WhatsApp you are not able to see any status any profile and last, seen.that’s the main reason you aren’t linked to that person, but most people not about this structure and pay a lot of money for unblocking the account, pay for last seen and so many things you know better. so I always recommend please don’t pay for any WhatsApp trick. you must share your feedback regarding this topic.

Check Whatsapp Status Without Number