Enterprise Security & Enterprise SIEM


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Enterprise Security & Enterprise SIEM
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Enterprise Security & Enterprise SIEM

What is Enterprise Security and why the security of enterprise is necessary nowadays? What is Enterprise SIEM and why it is necessary? Here is the detailed and very comprehensive article on the Enterprise Security solutions as well as the whole architecture. The main contents of the Security of Enterprise are as follow.

Enterprise Security & Enterprise SIEM | Tips Technology

  • What is Enterprise Security
  • Enterprise Security Management (ESM)
  • Enterprise Security Governance (ESG)

  • Enterprise Security Frameworks (ESF)
  • Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM)
  • Enterprise Security Principles (ESP)
  • Enterprise Security Policies (ESP)
  • Enterprise Information Security Management (EISM)
  • Enterprise SIEM: Enterprise Security Information Event Management

These are the main components of Security of Enterprise and the Enterprise SIEM is one of the core components of ES.

What is Enterprise Security for the Enterprises?

It includes the architecture, frameworks, management, policies, practices, and strategies to make sure the security of an enterprise.


Enterprise Security Management is a process and practice in which unauthorized access is managed. It includes the security tools along with the configuration of the assets. As well as security management paths are highly concerned.


Enterprise Security Governance is a thorough roadmap as well as the strategies to define the security of Enterprise. It manages the humane resources along with financial resources. ESG also tells us regarding the risk factors. Such as HIPPA defines the rules and regulations to protect the health records of patients.


Enterprise Security Framework is an essential component in the security lineup of the enterprise. In this phase, the proper working framework is determined. Then the framework is followed throughout the process.


Enterprise Security Risk Management provides the structure, security plans, as well as complete security management and deployment. It defines how to catch the flaws and risks and how to migrate those risks as well. Policy documentation is the core component of ESRM. Threat modeling, Assesment of Risks, Risk Migration Plans, Security Policy, and further improvements are the phases of ESRM.


Enterprise Security Principles are rules and regulations. On these rules, the whole security setup is based. Identify along with quantifying is the initial step. Prioritize as well as defining of risk treatments plans are further phases.


Enterprise Information Security Management is one of the cores and most important phase of the security of an enterprise. CIA triad, which is Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability is in the EISM phase of Security of an Enterprise. In this phase, data security techniques are defined.


Enterprise SIEM: Enterprise Security Information Event Management is more of a console based system. We use it to identify the vulnerabilities in the system. To inspect the network, its access, and the endpoints are assessed with the help of Enterprise SIEM: Enterprise Security Information Event Management. Forensics, vulnerabilities management, network flow, and threat detections are the core activities of Enterprise SIEM system.

So, after reading and understanding the whole process of Enterprise Security as well as the phase Enterprise SIEM, we can conclude that information security of every company or organization is a key factor nowadays. Security of information is extremely important in today’s era. Enterprise SIEM phase defines many of the core security features.

We hope this special article regarding the information security point of view of an enterprise will surely help you to motivate you towards this important aspect. Share with others as well. Also, leave your thoughts in the comment section. Give suggestions for betterment as well, as the reader’s response & suggestions are valuable for us. Last but not least, Don’t forget to subscribe to the notification!

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