Facebook Cryptocurrency may Launch This Month | Libra Coin Release Date

Facebook is all set to launch Facebook Cryptocurrency. Social giant Facebook may launch facebook cryptocurrency in the month of June. This currency may be named as Libra Coin. The expected Libra Coin release date or white paper release date is June 18. Facebook will introduce its own cryptocurrency as well as all details regarding Libra Coin will be disclosed. In the meeting of investors with Facebook officials, Facebook told the Facebook Cryptocurrency release date or Libra Coin release date.

What Facebook Officials says about Facebook Cryptocurrency

The financial services and payment partnerships head of Facebook told the German magazine that the facebook cryptocurrency release date, as well as all information regarding Libra Coin and Libra Coin release date, will release in the upcoming white paper. Facebook Cryptocurrency code name is Libra Coin. Another Facebook official release the official statement about facebook cryptocurrency and Libra coin release date. The statement states that the white paper is coming on June 18.

Official Libra Coin Release Date

As far as Facebook Cryptocurrency officially release is concerned, Facebook officials are reluctant to announce yet. As the government approval is also necessary. Facebook says that Facebook is targeting its vision 2020. The official Libra Coin release date is the year 2020. But the white paper containing useful information about Libra Coin is all set to debut on June 18. Moreover, Facebook Cryptocurrency name is not decided yet. Libra coin is just the code name.

Benefits of Facebook Cryptocurrency

The new crypto payment method will open the door of a new era of payments and transfers. The digital currency is far better and easiest payment method. Anyone can keep digital currency in an online wallet and can send or receive digital payments in seconds. Digital currencies are the best option to transfer funds as transfer just requires a wallet address. Facebook users can use Facebook cryptocurrency for Facebook payments such as post boost cost. Hence this digital currency will provide ease and comfort to Facebook users.

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