Google Fuchsia OS Release Date & Android VS Fuchsia OS

Google Fuchsia OS Release Date, as well as its comparison with Google’s existing OS, is going hot nowadays. People are wandering for Android VS Fuchsia OS over the internet since Google announced Fuchsia OS. The Fuchsia OS is the future. The all-new OS is likely to take the place of Android OS in the near future. A lot of work has been done as well as a lot of work is yet to be done. Fuchsia OS is a hybrid product from Google. Google Pixelbook along with some other notebooks are already supporting Fuchsia apps along with Android OS apps. As per the research of experts, Fuchsia OS is the universal Google OS for all kind os smart devices. So, here at Tips Technology, we bring a useful article for you people regarding Google Fuchsia OS release date as well as Andriod VS Fuchsia OS deeply.

What Actually Google Fuchsia OS Is

Google Fuchsia OS Release Date & Android VS Fuchsia OS

  • Android-Chrome Hybrid Product
  • Free of Cost as Android is
  • Already running on Google Pixel Book

Google Fuchsia OS Release Date

There were a lot of rumors regarding the Fuchsia release date since its announcement. Every time all the news were proved to be false. Here we bring you the exact and correct information regarding the Fuchsia launch date. Google is working a lot on the development and testing of the new OS called Fuchsia. Google’s Pixel Books are also running the supported applications of Fuchsia. As per Google, the smart home devices will host Google Fuchsia OS in the next three years. Furthermore, the complete and stable version of Fuchsia OS will be released in five years. So, till five years, we have plenty of time to test and observe Fuchsia on our supported devices and we can easily predict Android VS Fuchsia OS results. So, the Google Fuchsia OS release date is up to five years from now.

How to Install Fuchsia UI (Urdu/Hindi)

Android VS Fuchsia OS

  • Android is mainly written in JAVA and somehow on C++
  • Fuchsia OS is written in Dart, Rust, Go, and C++
  • Android is based on Linux
  • Fuchsia is not based on Linux, it is based on Google’s microkernel “Zircon”
  • Fuchsia can run on Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TV’s, and Computers as well.
  • Google Fuchsia OS is Open Source

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