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Google I/O 2019 Schedule Released

Google I/O 2019 Schedule Released

Google I/O 2019 schedule is released. The conference Google I/O 2019 sessions will be covering the super hot events such as Android Q, Stadia, Google Assistant, Blockchain & Digital Payments as well as AR and many more. Here are the conference schedule and sessions.

Google I/O 2019 Schedule Released

  • The conference will be held from the 7th of May to the 9th of May.
  • Android Q OS will be announced at the conference.
  • Plenty of great sessions.
  • Such as Google Assistant, Android Q, Maps, Stadia, and AR.
  • The location is California.

Google I/O 2019 Conference Overview

Google releases a schedule for Google I/O conference 2019. This conference is the annual developer’s conference of the year 2k19. The event will take place from May 7 to May 9. At its headquarters in California. The opening keynote Google I/O 2019 conference is launching of the new version of Android Operating System Q.  Google I/O 2019 updates the Google’s many services, such as Google Assistant, GMAIL, and Google Maps, and Stadia. The big thing is Google’s ongoing major project “Augmented Reality”. Augmented Reality Google I/O 2019 California is a big thing. Artificial Reality Google I/O 2019 update is also as hot as AR. In 2019, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and the whole team will announce the complete version of Android Q as well as its all new features.

On the days of the conference, a huge variety of topics are there for developers.

Schedule & Others Sessions

As per the official Google I/O 2019 schedule, this conference’s opening keynote is all set to start at 10:00 am on Tuesday, May 7. After the keynote, there are numerous tracks or sessions to be discussed throughout the day. Main topics or sessions are Google Stadia, Google Maps, Android Q, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, voice interaction, along with auto cars, Blockchain & digital payments. Conference also includes Google Chrome, Machine learning, Google Assistant, Android Smart TVs, and the Google Play store. Remember that these are the main topics. Plenty of other sessions are also there.

2nd Day of Google I/O 2019 Annual Conference

On the 2nd day that is May 8, These sessions are all set to discuss. Digital Wellbeing,  Google Cast, Connected Homes, Augmented Reality applications, Daily life machine learning applications, Android applications for automated and semi-automated cars along with AR experiences for Google Maps. Also, Google Assistant interactive games, Internet of Things storages, the smart displays such as OLED are also included in this year Google I/O 2019 California conference.

Last Day Schedule

The 3rd day is the last day that is May 9. It will start with sessions including the Security of Android, Web apps, UI of Android Q, enhancement in machine learning, enhanced Web applications performance. Also included dark themes in Android Q and Google Chrome OS applications.

The great thing is that there are some sessions that are set to target the beginners as well.

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