Google Suspends Huawei from Google Services

Google Suspends Huawei from Google Services

Google suspends Huawei from Google Services now. Google has canceled the Huawei’s license. Huawei’s fast-growing consumer smartphone business is affected by the delivery of Google’s key software as well as technical services to the Chinese smartphone giant.

Note that Huawei, which overtook Apple Inc. to become the world’s 2nd largest smartphone manufacturer in the second quarter of 2018. Because of license suspension, Huawei can only access the basic and public available version of Android OS. Not only Google suspends Huawei from Google Services, Intel and Qualcomm also broke ties with Huawei.

Android’s Tweet

Google said on Monday that: “We are reviewing all implications”. Google added that Google Play Services, as well as the security protections of Google Play Protect, will not affect the existing Huawei devices. Because of Trump blacklist the Huawei, Google Suspends Huawei from Google services.

The Android OS is open source and widely available to use. But Huawei can no longer be able to access the proprietary applications along with services from Google because Google suspends Huawei from Google Services.

Huawei uses Microsoft’s Windows on its laptops. Now Huawei has to develop its own operating systems. Huawei responded that:

Huawei’s response over OS

“We’ve our Plan B. But of course we prefer to work with the ecosystems of Google and Microsoft,”


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