Huawei Smartphone Operating System Hongmeng – Huawei’s own OS

Huawei Smartphone Operating System Hongmeng - Huawei's own OS

Huawei’s own OS is all set to debut. As you have read the Google Suspends Huawei from Google Services. Here is a new twist in the story. Huawei Smartphone Operating System Hongmeng is all set to debut in the smartphone market. Hongmeng is the mobile phone operating system that is totally designed and developed by Huawei. Huawei is the world’s 2nd largest smartphone manufacturer. Recently Google suspends the Huawei’s license to access Google’s Android as well as it’s services. To deal with these circumstances, the Chinese tech giant is all set to launch Huawei’s own OS for their smartphones.

Intro. of Hongmeng

Huawei Smartphone Operating System Hongmeng - Huawei's own OS

Hongmeng is Huawei Smartphone Operating System. Huawei is working on Huawei’s own OS since 2012. They are running and testing this OS on their selected models. Huawei is testing it behind the curtains. Now it’s time to officially launch it because Google suspends Huawei from Google services along with the suspension of license to access Android OS. The news is coming that Huawei fastens the process of Huawei Smartphone Operating System last year in order to deal with such situations. Moreover, Huawei is now facing US sanctions and they have to take such steps in order to maintain their existence in the Industry. Samsung is also using its own OS in their watches as well as in smart tv’s. Moreover, the name for the Huawei smartphone operating system is not confirmed yet. Hongmeng could be the codename.

Challenge for Huawei

After revoking the Android license for Huawei, the biggest challenge for the company is to overcome the OS challenge. It is quite obvious that Huawei is bringing Huawei’s own OS in their devices. But it is unlikely that Huawei can create an application eco-system where they can provide thousands of applications compatible with Huawei smartphone operating system Hongmeng.

Huawei Marketshare

Huawei Smartphone Operating System Hongmeng - Huawei's own OS

Huawei is the 2nd largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. The Chinese Tech giant Huawei holds 19% of the world’s smartphone market. They take Apple’s position in the Q1 of 2019. So, it is necessary for them to introduce Huawei’s own OS. There market worth is now base on Huawei smartphone operating system Hongmeg.


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