Pakistan E-Commerce Policy 2019 Is Approved

Pakitan’s much-awaited very first E-Commerce policy is finally approved by the cabinet. This policy was first introduced three years ago. The previous govt didn’t pay attention to the most emerging market in the country. Hence, the file was waiting to be considered for around three years. This time, Prime Minister and company pay attention to E-Commerce Industry and carry out the file and presented in the cabinet meeting. And finally, Pakistan E-Commerce Policy is approved by the federal cabinet.


Benefits Of Pakistan E-Commerce Policy

There are numerous benefits of this policy. E-Commerce industry of the country will be regulated. The industry will flourish by time because the govt is paying attention to digital businesses. Moreover, the country’s economy will also grow because govt will take tax from big e-commerce giants like Daraz. The biggest benefit of Pakistan E-Commerce Policy is that Govt is thinking to create a universal payment gateway to send or receive payments. This payment gateway will be approved by the State Bank of Pakistan. Anyone will be able to send or receive payments locally as well as internationally.

Prime Minister Iman Khan’s Commerce Advisor announced this great news over twitter.

Moreover, this initiative will help local businesses to flourish, grow, as well as the country’s economy will also get support when international remittances will come in our banks.

This policy will also provide job and employment opportunities. Uneducated people will also get a kind of delivery man job when our digital industry flourish. Pakistan E-Commerce policy is the kick start to our digitalization.

Key Factors

Pakistan E-Commerce Policy Is Approved By Cabinet - Tips Technology

  • E-Commerce Regulation
  • Digitalization
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Youth Empowerment via E-Commerce
  • Consumer Protection
  • Taxation of E-Commerce Industry
  • Global Connectivity
Other Programs Of Current Govt
  • Kamyab Jawan Programme
  •  One Women
  • Digital Connectivity
  • Cashless Payment Initiative
  • One-Bank Account Programme

These are some expected outcomes of the Pakistan E-Commerce Policy and we hope for the leverage in revenue of the industry as well as the leverage of Pakistan’s Economy.

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