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PayPal Alternative in Pakistan 2021

So, after a long time, here we bring very good news regarding the international payment gateway in Pakistan. Too many people such as Freelancers, online business owners, and remittance receivers are concerned about PayPal services in Pakistan. PayPal is the biggest and most useable as well as the most desired payment gateway in the world. But unfortunately, Pakistanis are not provided PayPal services. Other payment gateways such as Payoneer is fairly famous among Pakistanis. Here is a piece of good news regarding the PayPal alternative in Pakistan. The news is about the PaySay launch in Pakistan. An international payment gateway is launching its services after the official PaySay launch in Pakistan.

PaySay Features

PaySay is a widely used international payment gateway. It offers a wide range of services such as money transfer to other PaySay account holders. As PaySay launch in Pakistan, so it is considered as PayPal alternative in Pakistan. Brief description of services are as follow;


  • Safe and Secure
  • Risk-Free
  • FCA Authorised
  • Low Fees
  • Good Customer Support
  • Android and iOS Mobile Applications

Importance of PaySay Launch in Pakistan

PaySay is an international payment gateway. It is trusted and secured. They plan to come here because of the number of international transactions to or from Pakistan. Pakistan is the biggest international market of freelancers as well as online businesses. So, keeping this market in view, PaySay launch in Pakistan.

How PaySay is PayPal Alternative in Pakistan

PayPal provides services such as money transfer and receiving directly in your PayPal account. This can be accessed via smartphone. So, PaySay provides the same services and they recently launched their services in Pakistan. So, keeping in view the above-mentioned services, PaySay is the PayPal alternative in Pakistan.

Hope this launch will help freelancers and online business owners. Keep visiting & sharing for tech news.

PayPal Alternative in Pakistan 2021
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