The flagship chip will feature a host of improvements in the Next Year.

Qualcomm Announces 5G Supported Snapdragon 855 Chipset

Qualcomm 5G Supported Snapdragon chips in 2020. Qualcomm Announces 5G Supported Snapdragon 855 Chipset. Qualcomm hinted in last month, Qualcomm has now announced the Chipset upgrade that is gonna be powering the latest smartphones of the next year. The Snapdragon 855. It had been rumored that the company will change its naming system and call the chip the 8150. It used the internal name of ‘sm8150’, but Qualcomm went with the less confusing Snapdragon 855 moniker.

5g Support

5G is the next historic update in the mobile industry. Qualcomm stressed that the 855 is able to support multi-gigabit 5G technology. Any of the 5G-compatible phone manufacturers are likely to pair it with the company’s X50 modem chip.

Qualcomm Announces 5G Supported Snapdragon 855 Chipset More Details

While Qualcomm is set to go into more details soon. We can expect the generational improvements. As the firm says it offers twice the performance of a “competing 7nm SOC.” It is commonly the case with new mobile chipsets nowadays. There is a focus on Artificial Intelligence. The company proudly says its new multi-core Artificial Intelligent engine brings 3x the AI performance compared to the Snapdragon 845.

Computer Vision

The new 855 chipset includes a Computer Vision image signal processor. Which will accurately identify objects and help to take better photos. It will allow 4K HDR video capturing too. There is a set of improved features called Snapdragon Elite Gaming, which will bring improvements to mobile titles.

Moreover, Qualcomm announced the 3D Sonic Sensor. Now in-display fingerprint sensor is said to be more secure, powerful, accurate, and work through moisture, smudges, and screen protectors. Thanks to its use of ultrasonic waves rather than light.

So, Qualcomm 5G Supported Snapdragon 855 Chipset is a great addition in the GPU family as well as in Qualcomm family. Qualcomm Announces 5G Supported Snapdragon 855 Chipset