SEO Tutorials For Beginners 2020: In this tutorials, I will describe all the parts of SEO in 2020 we will do on our website so keep subscribe to our site to Reads the latest tips articles and latest SEO Tips.  so the first tutorial beyond an introduction to SEO and in this article I will describe all the Introduction part of SEO and his types.

So in Basic tutorials, we will discuss on

Why do SEO? How to grow your business in your country? What is a white hat SEO Vs Blackhat SEO? What is the Google algorithm in 2019? how to choose a topic by your side?

these are the things we will discuss on SEO 2nd tutorial

keyword searching

Why we focus on a keyword search for content writing? What is the major tool for keyword research? Advanced keyword Searching tool what is the keyword planner? How to check keyword density and its volume?

These are the things we will discuss on 3rd SEO tutorial

On-page SEO

How to make a site on WordPress? How to choose a theme for your site? how to optimize your theme? What is the best hosting plan for your site? how to set title descriptions and meta tags? how to make your site as an SEO friendly? How to set images for your site? how to do image SEO? How to set your site architecture? how to write content for your site?

These are the things we will discuss on 4th SEO tutorial

off-page SEO

What is link building? how to do off-page SEO? what is internal linking and external linking? how to set your target for your social media posting? how to make a backlink for your site? What is the Google Console? what is Google analyst? how to get a Google AdSense approval for your site?SEO Tutorials For Beginners 2020