First of all, there is no doubt that technology is growing and progressing at a very fast pace. As a result, people around the globe are taking an immense interest in it. There are many tech bloggers or tech influencers who are covering the daily progress in tech. Due to their efforts, these experienced people in their domain are being highly admired and praised in India.

Technology is transforming our lives almost like never before. Therefore this specific niche is attracting people across different regions of this world. Hence we are listing the top 10 best tech blogs based in India. These blogs update their technology blogs on a regular basis due to very fast progress in tech. These top tech blogs are doing their best in order to provide instant and correct information regarding daily tech news so that readers remain up to date.

  1. Shout Me Loud (By Harsh Agarwal)

Shout Me Loud is a top-rated tech blog in India due to an enthusiastic community of bloggers. This blog is a community of bloggers who are like-minded. They teach about Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Boss-Free life. In this blog, they also give tips about entrepreneurship and small business startups.

Earning: $52,000 Monthly


  1. Digital Inspiration (By Amit Agrawal)

Amit Agarwal is an IIT graduate who is passionate about technology. He started his career as a tech blogger in 2004. He is also known as the top and first technology bloggers in India.  If there is a new update on Apple, WordPress, etc. Then you are likely to go to his site.

Earning: INR 30,00,000

  1. Master Blogging (By Ankit Singla)

The blog is run by Ankit Singla. Ankit is a full-time blogger as well as a successful entrepreneur. In this blog, all information is provided about successful blogging. Such as, How to make a blog a full time earning source. How to make the blog a money machine.

Earning: INR 30,00,000 Monthly

  1. 9Lessons (By Srinivas Tamada)

This tech blog is very famous due to its unique offering. The blog is based on covering all aspects of programming. Blogger, Srinivas is better known for comprehensive tutorials on programming. Such as PHP, Angular, React, Javascript, and JQUERY, etc.

Earning: $20,000 Monthly

  1. Tech PP (By Raju)

Tech PP blog is mainly based on consumer technology and personal products. Web tools and gadgets related information is provided in this blog. The blog’s main brain Raju is an Electronics Engineer and also featured in the top 151 Tech persons in India.

Earning: $8,000-10,000 Monthly

  1. Indezine (By Geetesh Bajaj)

Indezine blog is solely dedicated to Microsoft PowerPoint tricks, hacks, and utilities. The blog identifies its niche very well. All the software that can help you to make presentations more accurate can be found here with complete details. Picture editing and editing of clips are taught on this site.

Earning: $6,000 Monthly

  1. Tech Lila (By Rajesh)

Tech Lia makes it number seven top blog. The blog is known for a different variety of tech tricks and tips. This blog is hosting a lot of guest posts. A team of 6 people is managing this blog. Tech Lia blog is ranked among the top 10 tech blogs in India.

Earning: $ 12,000 Monthly

  1. Root Update (By Harsh Chauhan)

Root Update is a blog about Android root and Android updates. Whatever is update or news about Android, every latest info finds a mention here. Most of the reviewers are describing this blog as the encyclopedia of Android trends and news.

Earning: $ 9,000 Monthly

  1. Android Advice (By Amit Bhawani)

Android Advices is a tech blog about Android news, Android tutorials, and step by step Android firmware installations. So that users can get updated information about all mobile phones. This blog provides solutions about how to update android devices Android version to the latest version.

Amit Bhawani belongs to Hyderabad, India. Apart from this blog, he is also handling 40 other technology blogs. Hence we can estimate his intelligence level in tech.

Earning: $25,000 Monthly

  1. Nextbigwhat (By Ashish Sinha)

The admin of this blog is Ashish Sinha and he is a graduate of IIT Roorkee as well as IIM Bangalore. Due to his tremendous tech knowledge, he also worked for Yahoo and IBM. Therefore this blog is about to support Indian young talent and their start-ups and businesses so that they can earn. A nextbigwhat blog also provides information about the latest updates from the mobile industry.

Earning: $15,000 Monthly


11. Tips Technology 

Here is an Emerging YouTube Star from Lahore who creates a different type of Tech stuff for his followers. His content is not limited to tech information or reviews. He creates every type of Tech content for his subscribers. From Tech information to Tech tips and tricks, and from Android development to web development, Android tips to Web tips and tricks, He is a master in all of these domains. Due to this consistency and pace, people do follow his channel. And due to this confidence, his channel is growing at an amazing pace.
Subscribers are 30,000 in no time. In our next year’s top YouTubers article, he would be in the list of Top 10 Pakistani YouTubers 2021 because of his talent.