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WhatsApp Frequently Forward Feature Launch Globally

WhatsApp Frequently Forward Feature Launch Globally. This new feature is available for all the users who are using the latest version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp rolls out the label of the Frequently Forwarded messages. This feature is available on both Android as well as iOS applications. Frequently forwarded message feature is to let users know regarding the messages they receive. Hence,  this feature will let them know if the message is forwarded 5 or more times. The label will appear on the message.

WhatsApp Frequently Forward Feature Launch Globally

Reason to Launch WhatsApp Frequently Forward Feature

As you know that WhatsApp is a leading messenger application. People use WhatsApp for ample of works. The messenger application is the best companion of us nowadays. Similarly, on the other hand, some people use WhatsApp to circulate fake news. To eradicate fake news, WhatsApp brings us this superb WhatsApp Frequently Forward Feature. This new feature will help us to know about the credibility of the message, WhatsApp users were asking for WhatsApp for such a feature from a long ago. Now WhatsApp Frequently Forward Feature Launch Globally.

WhatsApp Version Requirement

  • Latest WhatsApp Version For Android
  • Latest WhatsApp Version for iOS
  • WhatsApp Web

This feature requires the latest version of WhatsApp messenger. Android users, as well as iOS users, will get the update soon.

Every time when someone is forwarding a message to anyone, the WhatsApp application will show you a new notification with a double arrow in grey color. If you are forwarding a message that is forwarded multiple times as well.
Furthermore, WhatsApp will also show you notification such as “This message is marked as forwarded many times.” WhatsApp will not show how many times the message is forwarded. Moreover, many WhatsApp users have already received WhatsApp frequently forward feature. If you didn’t receive, don’t worry, you will get it soon.

WhatsApp Frequently Forward Feature Launch Globally
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