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WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 2020 | WhatsApp secret settings: WhatsApp is a very popular and widely used messenger application across the globe. Millions of people daily use WhatsApp to send messages, pictures, videos, and memes. People use WhatsApp to communicate with their family and friends.

From the advent of WhatsApp, WhatsApp becomes a very popular messaging application in no time. This means that it passes big names like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Yahoo messenger, and other messengers.

According to WhatsApp, 1.5 Billion people are using WhatsApp in one month. Here is the list of WhatsApp cool features.

Watch the Video in a Chat

WhatsApp recently brought a new cool update for Android users. This new update is a picture-in-picture video play. This means you can any shared a YouTube video in the chat without leaving the chat.

This feature was only available for iOS customers before.

Picture-in-picture video play allows the video to be played in a separate window. A user does not need to leave the chat in messenger view it.

Many more ways to express You

In early 2018, WhatsApp introduced a new way to communicate. That is Stickers.

The adorable sticker icons are a cool way to add even more diversity in your chats.

These stickers are very easy to use and can easily be accessed by just pressing the sticker’s icon in the messenger app.

These beautiful smiling teacup or an adorable broken heart sticker will help you to share your feelings.

If you want to use stickers in your chat, just tap the sticker button and now you can select the sticker you want to share. You can also add a new sticker pack according to your taste by tapping the plus icon.

Group Video or Audio Call

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

WhatsApp has recently expanded its feature library. In this year one of the most notable addition is group video and audio calling.

The messaging app allows you to take part in group video and group audio calls with up to four people.

But this feature is not as brilliant as Apple’s FaceTime. Apple’s FaceTime feature lets 32 people chat at a time. WhatsApp is offering a maximum four (4) people to chat at once. For Android users, this feature is a very worthy addition.

While explaining the group calling feature, WhatsApp announced: “You can make a group call and add up to four people total. Anywhere and anytime.

Start a one-on-one video or voice call and just tap the new ‘add participant’ button. The button is on the top right corner and lets people add more participants to the call.

Remember that these group calls are end-to-end encrypted. And WhatsApp has designed this calling to work properly and reliably across the world in every network conditions.

New Group Chat Feature

Earlier this year, group chats included a new feature which is only admins can send messages.

There are many one way groups in which people get announcements. Such as teachers announcements for students and parents or community centers.

To enable this feature, open Group Info > Group Settings > Send Messages > Only Admins.

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 2020 | WhatsApp secret settings